Why Do Conservatives Like Sarah Palin?

Conservative Wonderwoman Phyllis Schlafly gave a speech at CPAC this past weekend in which she called Mitt Romney a loser for being a moderate. This was the day before Mitt Romney was to give his own speech at CPAC (which ended up being a very humble speech).

Now, many of us were not happy with Mitt Romney in the primaries, but once he became our candidate and we stopped being exposed to a barrage of horrible, bitter attacks against him by Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, and were able to get to know the true Mitt Romney, most of us actually grew to adore him. And on Election Day, we were no longer voting against President Barack Obama, but for Mitt Romney.

And now that he’s lost, we’ve turned on him. It’s despicable. It seems like we conservatives are sore losers; like we don’t dislike the man for his policies, but simply for the fact that he lost. If we liked Romney before he lost, then we should like him after he lost.

This brings me to Sarah Palin. Why do conservatives still like her?

After John McCain and Sarah Palin failed to win the election in 2008, I, like so many others, continued to like Palin. So do not mistake what I am about to say as my being upset that they lost in 2008.

Over the last two or three years, I’ve grown to really become annoyed with Sarah Palin, and I don’t understand why conservatives still go crazy when she enters the room. There seems to be a cult of personality surrounding her similar to that which surrounds President Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin gave a speech at CPAC this year about sticking to principles, not party. And yet just over two years ago, she supported John McCain in his 2010 senatorial re-election bid over the conservative Tea Party candidate J. D. Hayworth. I keep asking her over Twitter why she did that, but, given that she receives thousands upon thousands of tweets a day, she’s probably not even seeing my question.

In Sarah Palin’s CPAC speech, she even took a jab at President Obama for his use of a TelePrompTer. The utterly embarrassing irony is that she read this joke from a TelePrompTer. Presidents use TelePrompTers in all their speeches. And don’t make jokes about someone’s behaviors when you do those same behaviors.

Given her commitment not to principle but to personal connections (supporting John McCain in 2010 instead of the conservative); given her behavior over the last few years that I can only fairly describe as attention-seeking (having her own reality-TV show comes to mind, as does her comedy-routine of a CPAC speech almost completely devoid of seriousness), why do conservatives still go crazy over her?

I like Sarah Palin on a personal level. She’s nice, she’s tough, and she’s unafraid to be herself. I’m not upset that she lost in 2008, like conservatives are with Mitt Romney. I’m upset that she seems to have changed.

Leave comments below and tell me what you think of Sarah Palin, if you opinion of her has changed, and if so, why.