Consumer Confidence Falls Amidst Christmas Cheer

As we entered into the Christmas season, President Barack Obama and the White House press corps was trying to convince the nation that we were well on our way to recover and that everything was looking rosy.  That is except for the fiscal cliff that we are all about to plummet off of.

Yet amidst all of the holiday cheer, American consumers are not nearly as optimistic as our beloved leader.  Consumer confidence took a holiday nose dive causing it to dip to the lowest it’s been in six months.  One research analyst in New York noted that the customer traffic appeared to be the same as last year however, the consumers are spending less this year than last year.

Among the concerns expressed by shoppers this holiday season, they cited the looming fiscal cliff issue, along with the millions of East Coast residents still suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  The shock of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School has also been cited as a damper to the holiday spirits of many who have expressed concerns about being in crowded places.  Job growth has also been much slower than many had hoped.

According to the people I’ve listened to, there is a lot more concern amongst consumers than the President would like to admit.   Not only are they facing thousands of dollars in increased taxes due to the failed fiscal cliff negotiations, but they are also worried about the additional thousands of dollars in taxes they are about to face due to Obamacare.

From all of the different figures I’ve seen bantered around, it seems that the average family is facing somewhere between $4,000-$6,000 per year in additional taxes.  At a time with a struggling economy and many families barely making ends meet, the last thing they need is to pay out so much more in taxes.

Perhaps the politicians in Washington that are bickering over the details of the nation’s economy, can afford the additional taxes, but we American’s cannot.  The net result of it all will put more Americans out of work and out of their homes.  It will force millions more to seek food stamps and other government aid.

The economy will slide into another recession and most likely into another depression.  In the midst of the bleakest time in American history, the conditions of the nation will be ripe for the pickings of a socialist dictator to assume full control over a broken and defeated nation.