Consumer Protection Used to Cancel First Amendment

A Jewish non-profit is on trial for counseling people dealing with same-sex desires in the name of Consumer Protection.

David Jolly reported about this case back in mid 2013, but it has not gone away. reports, “Powerful Leftist Group Sues to Close Jewish Counseling Service for Gays.”

Jury selection begins today in a trial that pits a $340 million left-wing group against a small Jewish non-profit. The result could be the closing of all counseling services in New Jersey that aim to help those with unwanted same-sex desires.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is using New Jersey’s strong Consumer Protection Act to sue a group called Jews Offering New Alternatives to Healing (JONAH) that refers men and women to psychological counselors working in the field known as “sexual orientation change efforts.”

SPLC claims JONAH defrauded four men by telling them their same-sex desires could be treated and they could become purely or largely heterosexual. The case is a blueprint for how SPLC intends to go after similar counseling services around the country. Indeed, SPLC and a group called Truth Wins Out, run by gay activist Wayne Besson, have spearheaded a legislative effort to outlaw counseling services to minors with unwanted same-sex attraction. They have been successful in California and New Jersey, which now outlaw the practice.

The case that will be heard over the next month in Superior Court for Hudson County, New Jersey, focuses on the claims of four men who voluntarily approached JONAH to help them with unwanted same-sex attraction. None of them self-identified as gay at the time and each wanted the attractions to end. JONAH, which works from what it calls “Torah values” referred the men to counselors who treated them.

 The consumer protection law has never been used against a non-profit before because the whole point was to go after shysters who were getting rich by making false promises. JONAH will be responsible for the entire legal bill of the plaintiffs if they lose this case. They will be financially annihilated.

The First Amendment is a dead letter if the wrong side wins this case. Pray that the SPLC is defeated. The fact that this case has been allowed to continue does not bode well.