Most Contrived News Headline Ever: White House “Rushes” to Find “Solution” to Freedom of Conscience

The headline that made me laugh out loud yesterday (really!) was this one: “White House Rushes to Find Contraception Solution.” They make it sound like this is some sort of national emergency when the drugs are already cheap and affordable. The other term that made me snicker: “But the administration is under the gun.”

All this drama is about an over-the-counter drug that is very affordable. This isn’t some life saving treatment that is going to bankrupt anyone. In fact, the idea that Hobby Lobby refused to provide contraceptives for their employees is simply a falsehood—they lavished their employees with contraceptives.

Yet the Democrats are now trying to make Americans believe that we are in a state of emergency due to this Supreme Court ruling. According to the New York Times, which claims the White House is under “such pressure” to get contraceptives to women financed by other people’s money,

Still, the administration has another motivation to act as quickly as possible: It is eager to court the votes of women dismayed by the rulings. The Democratic National Committee is already urging voters to fight back against the Hobby Lobby decision and to “stand up for Obamacare” in the November elections.

So what are they thinking? That women are helplessly forced to squeeze out babies until the government acts?

This alleged panic over paying for birth control embodies a demeaning and patronizing view of women. No one who believed that women were equal to men would ever treat them like such incompetent cows. The White House and the Democrats obviously view women as stupid and dependent. I can’t claim this proves that they view women as inferior to men because I don’t think they have a respectful view of voters of either sex.

The fact is that women have many easily available options in this country for making sure that sex does not conceive a baby. If you think that is not enough, you are really portraying women as a “special needs” group. If women want to take control of their own lives, then let them take control. Stop treating them like children.

There is no contraceptive “emergency” that the White House needs to address.