Cop who Killed Walter Scott had a History

Michael Slager was the subject of abuse accusations before he killed Walter Scott.

According to Sputnik News, Robert Wayne Bishop was one of several people who lodged a complaint against Officer Michael Slager. He filed a lawsuit over what happened to him in 2011.

Bishop claims that the officer told him that “he was stopped randomly because he was driving through a high drug trafficking area,” according to federal court documents.  He claims that he was ordered out of his vehicle and then smashed face first into the pavement as an officer used his knees to push into his neck and drag him by his feet.

“Another North Charleston Police Officer, Daniele, arrived on the scene with his canine and allowed the dog to ‘nip’ at Plaintiff, who sat in the road while handcuffed and bleeding from his nose and face,” the lawsuit stated.  “As a result of the force … Plaintiff suffered a broken nose, a broken tooth, and a lacerated lip, all of which required surgery.”

The police claimed that Bishop had resisted arrest and the case was dismissed in 2013.

Here’s footage from a dashcam:

In my opinion, it seems like the cops are deliberately rushing the man and treating hesitancy as an excuse to resort to force. But I can see why a court would have to dismiss the accusation if the case was not clear cut.

But the news story lists another incident.

In 2013, Slager was accused of using his taser on a man without reason. The officer was exonerated, but witnesses claim investigators never followed up with them.

The incident took place in the middle of the night, as a man was awoken to the sound of Officer Slager banging on the door saying, “Come outside or I’ll tase you!”

This indicates the officer was threatening to use the weapon as a punishment, instead of as a necessary method to gain compliance and protect himself in a dangerous situation.

“I didn’t want that to happen to me, so I raised my arms over my head, and when I did, he tased me in my stomach anyway,” Givens told the Associated Press. “They never told me how they reached the conclusion. Never. They never contacted anyone from that night. No one from the neighborhood.”

According to, Givens has pointed out that, if they had taken his accusation seriously, the killing of Walter Scott would never have happened.

RT also reports: “In an unusual move, North Charleston, South Carolina, city officials released the personnel file of Michael Slager…”

I have to wonder why they did so. I don’t see how bad news about Slager cannot reflect badly on all the police who worked with him.