Cops, Doctors Got to Sexually Molest & Humiliate Woman Because Dog Said So

Yes, we’ve been through this before. This time the “authorities” changed things up and used there, uh, penetrating thoroughness, on a woman.

Nothing about this was right. As we move through the sequence, remember that each step after #3 was taken because no drugs or any other illegal item or substance was found on her person.

  1. The woman was pulled stopped at random for additional treatment after coming back into El Paso from Juarez. Unlike our previous story, she didn’t even roll a stop sign, allegedly.
  2. The border agent inserted his finger between the woman’s buttocks when there was no reason to search her for contraband. (I have no idea if this was a male or female agent.)
  3. Because an alleged drug dog paid attention to her, she was assumed to have drugs in her person.
  4. So she was strip searched by agents searching all private parts with a flashlight (male or female?)
  5. She was forced to take a laxative and empty her bowels in front of witnesses.
  6. Dr. Christopher Cabanillas ordered an X-ray of her abdomen.
  7. Dr. Michael Parsa performed an involuntary gynecological exam and rectum probe.
  8. Dr. Christopher Cananillas ordered a CT scan of her pelvis and abdomen.

According to the Reason blog:

“After the CT scan,” the complaint says, “a CBP [Customs and Border Patrol] agent presented Ms. Doe with a choice: she could either sign a medical consent form, despite the fact that she had not consented, in which case CBP would pay for the cost of the searches; or if she refused to sign the consent form, she would be billed for the cost of the searches.” She refused, and later the hospital sent her a bill for $5,000, apparently the going rate for sexual assault and gratuitous radiological bombardment.

So in the United States, if a dog barks at you, you can be subjected to humiliation, torture, and blackmail or fines even though no charges are ever filed. No totalitarian nightmare would be complete without complicit regime doctors and this story fulfills the requirement.

The ACLU claims that the doctors insisted that it was entirely routine to perform these invasive searches and “medical” procedures upon unwilling subjects whenever the heroes of border patrol requested it. Yet it is illegal to do so without a warrant.

This entire way of “enforcing” the law needs to be stopped.