Cops Take Down Elderly Lady And Bully Video Witness

Hat tip to Will Grigg: “Heroic Cop Body-Slams 70-Year-Old Woman; Victim Charged with Felony.”

According to Police Chief Matt Doering, the primary assailant, Officer Kevin Jones, “acted reasonably” by body-slamming the 70-year-old woman to “stop the assault” she had supposedly committed by stiffening her arms and digging her nails into the officer’s hands and wrists. Following a brief paid vacation and the typically perfunctory “internal investigation,” Officer Jones is once again prowling the streets in search of other elderly women upon whom he can display his martial prowess.

What I find most telling is the witness in this news story:

“I was stunned really. I think everyone was,” said Brett, who did not want to be identified. Brett said he witnessed the arrest from across the street with a friend, who recorded everything on his cell phone camera.

Of course, Brett new better than to become publicly identified as a “critic” of the local police! He saw how they treated his friend for the non-crime of video-recording the incident. Watch the top video to see the police start harassing, intimidating, and blocking the view of the friend. If cops are “brave” enough to act that way on camera, what else might they do? Brett has learned not to be a target.

In the meantime, thanks to Kevin Jones’ “reasonable” action, Kathleen Mary Allegrone made a pretty mugshot:

Kathleen Mary Allegrone

They have also charged her, not only with a DWI, but with “willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence”—which is a felony.

Pretty amazing.

If any non-police had seen Allegrone try to get into her car and decided to stop her because she was drunk, he could not have acted so free. If some young guy had body slammed her to the ground and scraped her face on the pavement, he would be facing criminal assault charges. The court would agree that she needed to be stopped from driving and that she should have cooperated. But some big young guy using a petite septuagenarian’s face to clean the street would still be seen as an assault.

Badges aren’t supposed to give special rights. Why do these cops think they are free from the restraints placed on ordinary mortals?

And why do they get away with obvious intimidation? Notice no one even addressed that part of the video.