Cornel West Upset With Obama’s Homosexual Favoritism

Cornel West is upset. Nothing new there. But I find it humorous what he’s upset about now. Apparently, black people are getting “pushed to the back of the bus” as Obama spends the lion’s share of his time supporting the homosexual cause. Yawn.

“Pushed to the back of the bus”? Racial issues aren’t being “put on the back burner.” No, that’s not racially charged enough. If you’re not talking enough about how much black people have suffered, you’re obviously just as bad as the people who caused their suffering in the first place. And Obama is included in that number? How does that even work? Are black people even allowed to be accused for other black people’s racial suffering? I thought there was a net of racism immunity around the entire black race.

I could say this annoys me. I could say I’m sick of all this race nonsense. But I’m not sick of it really. I don’t care. I’m a young white male. We didn’t get pushed to the back of the bus. We got pushed off the bus. And guess what? I really don’t mind. I never cared much for public transportation anyway, and I’m not in a competition to see which people group’s suffering has the most cultural currency. I also think that the battle for cultural currency is not a zero-sum game—people might be able to care about more than one thing at a time.

And, if I’m allowed to criticize homosexuals and race-card pulling black people (which I’m probably not):

What is wrong with you people? (“What do you mean you people?”) For one, the suffering of black people and homosexuals is not in the same category. Homosexuality is defined by behavior. Blackness is not. At heart, black people and white people need not be fundamentally different from a behavioral or moral standpoint. I’m oversimplifying, yes. But so should we all.

On the other hand, homosexuals and heterosexuals have fundamentally different values, not just about life partners. Homosexuality doesn’t stay in the bedroom. It affects every area of life: from literary theory to grocery shopping, the homosexual subculture refuses to coexist peaceably with the heterosexual one. I honestly don’t think we are the aggressors here. We’re not trying to infiltrate “gay bars,” turn homosexual men, force homosexual groups to recognize heterosexual marriage, etc. Homosexuals would say that’s because we already have the power—we don’t need to gain anything because we already have it.

Okay. Well you can have it too. Want heterosexual marriage? You can have it. Want marriage equality? You already have it. You can have the same marriages we have. You all have the same opportunities we have. But you don’t want those opportunities. Entitlement-minded racists and heterophobe perverts both long for Big Brother to swoop in and throat-drop some pre-digested pabulum into their open little maws while they keep warm and cozy in the taxpayer-funded fun nest. How dare gay chickling steal black chickling’s share of the political-manipulation-earthworm? Wah. Wah.

So Cornel and the Rainbow Brigade are vying for the coveted position of “Most Persecuted.” I don’t care. The tree’s gonna fall down. And the chicklings are all gonna have to fly or die. Sounds harsh, I know. But it’s reality. It has a tendency to be that way.