Corrections Officers Gone Wild!

Kudos to this reporter and cameraman for keeping cool under bloviating and blustering by a corrections officer who should be looking for work today. This is the way freedom is preserved, you call a tyrant’s bluff, and respectfully tell him he’s full of crap and can take his illegal orders and stuff them wherever he likes.

From “NewsChannel 13 crew threatened with arrest at Mount McGregor.”

A NewsChannel 13 crew was threatened with arrest on Thursday. It happened as they were working on a story about the historic Grant Cottage in Wilton where President Ulysses S. Grant spent his final days.

The cottage is located on Mount McGregor near the correctional facility that’s scheduled to close this weekend.

Corrections employees who are still working at the empty prison made every attempt to stop Mark Mulholland from doing his job.

Mulholland says in more than 20 years in the business, he’s rarely encountered anything quite like this.

Grant’s Cottage is located at the top of Mount McGregor. Wednesday was the 129th anniversary of Grant’s death there.

NewsChannel 13 shot some of the re-enactment Wednesday and Mulholland and his photographer were assigned to go back there Thursday to get some additional shots.

As they were doing a piece on-camera, in the shadows of the empty Mount McGregor prison, a man who identified himself as a corrections lieutenant came speeding towards the crew in a car.

Mulholland and photographer Matt Soriano spoke with the lieutenant.

“No filming,” said the officer, who identified himself as Lt. Dorn.

Some people should never, ever be given a uniform and badge.

Kudos also to the news department, station, and network for having the courage to show this video, and reveal the little men behind the curtains who are destroying American freedom in a litany of nonsensical laws and rules.