Is the Cosby Rape Allegation about Truth?

The Cosby rape story raises the questions about why other accusations are never treated seriously.

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Talk about inconvenient truths!

Courtesy of the Blaze: “Bill Clinton Is an Alleged Rapist, Too. Why Aren’t You Outraged About That?

Let me be the first to admit that, unlike so many people in the media and on the internet, I actually don’t know if Bill Cosby is a rapist. I know several women have accused him of it, and I know that he isn’t doing any favors for himself by refusing to comment and asking news outlets to scrub footage of him refusing to comment. You’d think if the man is guilty but has no intention of fessing up, he’d at least deny the allegations. And if he’s innocent, he’d be even more likely to deny them. Either way, I can’t understand answering with ‘no comment’ when someone asks a rather direct and unambiguous question like ‘are you a rapist?’

So maybe this means he’s panicking because he’s guilty. Or maybe he’s panicking because he’s innocent. Or maybe he’s an 80-year-old man who doesn’t quite understand what’s going on.

Maybe it’s a combination of some of those explanations. I don’t know.

Blogger Matt Walsh makes some very insightful comparisons here between how Bill Cosby has been treated over recent rape allegations, and how a certain former President was handled (and other “Progressive” darlings) by the same media that is stringing Cosby up.

Liberalism doesn’t care about rape. Rape is a convenient way to prove a point sometimes, that’s all. Rape is an insidious, morally outrageous act of violence, but Liberalism doesn’t necessarily condemn things just because they’re insidious, morally outrageous acts of violence (see: abortion). It condemns those acts when they’re committed by heretics and traitors to their cause, but rarely otherwise.

Walsh’s use of the term “heretics” is very appropriate. Modern Liberalism is a secular religious philosophical worldview to which all facts must bow. From Hollywood to Ferguson to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—and the deepest recesses of minds like Jonathan Gruber’s—the end of their philosophy’s victory justifies the dark means. If a few women get raped, or millions of babies get slaughtered, or several average towns get torched, that’s a small price to pay for the triumph of their religion—a religion that enshrines every adherent as the pathetic god of his or her own world.

P.S. Being perfectly clear: I support execution of anyone—regardless of color, political affiliation, or any other consideration—who is definitively proved guilty of rape.

Also, I support execution of anyone definitively proved guilty of manufacturing a false rape allegation (since the penalty for a false crime report should be equal to what the accused would have gotten, had he or she been found guilty of the alleged crime).