Could America Withstand Another Morally Rudderless President?

The Democratic Party these days seems to just be tossing things at the wall to see if they stick as it works out its 2016 presidential strategy.

The party doesn’t seem to have a plan as its previous plan of “let Hillary crown herself queen” falls apart.

Between revelations of possibly helping Vladimir Putin gain control of America’s uranium production, disclosure of her foundation’s non-disclosure of foreign donations, stories about her brittle personality, and whatever else can be dragged up from her closet full of skeletons, it’s a wonder that she hasn’t dropped out of sight or been hauled off in chains.

Not a promising beginning for a long-awaited lady leader of the free world.

Complicating things is that most of the stories about Hillary are being spoonfed to the mainstream media by the segment of the Democratic Party allied with President Obama and his adviser Valerie Jarrett, who — surprise! — are backbiting the hand that has fed them lo these past six and a half years.

So what’s the Democrats’ solution?

Bernie Sanders, self-described socialist and technically Independent. (He caucuses with the Democrats.)

So, the party of closet socialists is having its annointed heir-apparent challenged by an open socialist who doesn’t even pay club dues.

I’m not sure that Obama has fundamentally changed the United States enough to expect voters to admit that they are socialists themselves by voting for Bernie, and his run for the Oval Office may turn out to be the definition of quixotic.

But something tells me he is just a tool in the Democratic toolbox, and his run is intended by the non-Obama crowd to pull Hillary’s fat out of the fire by making her look less radical … and less old.

I tossed in that one because I’ve been seeing headlines like “GOP subtly attacking Hillary’s age,” which is nonsense because a) only Democrats base political careers on physical characteristics like age, gender and skin color; and b) there is so much to criticize in Hillary’s career that age is among the last things the GOP would even acknowledge.

It sounds like a pincer maneuver in the Democrats’ perception war for the throne: Bernie is too old; the GOP is running a bunch of whippersnappers; Hillary is just right.

[See also, “Hillary Clinton Is Not Leftist Enough for Many Dems.”]

Of course, there is also the always-hopeful true radicals among the DP, who hope that Bernie’s presence will pull Hillary to the left, away from those “centrist” lies, er, policies she touts on the campaign trail. That, in some people’s minds, would make her the perfect candidate: corrupt and openly communist, a suitable replacement for Obama.

But at the moment, it looks like Hillary’s star may be about to leave a crater in the middle of New York, where she moved to run for Senate after Bill Clinton finished his presidency.

And that’s just fine with the White House Skunk Works, which would rather run Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren, the whitest Native American ever, who only put forth her minority status when presented with the opportunity for a plum tenured professorship.

Except for the Native American claim, she’s basically Bernie Sanders in a dress.

So, in summation, the Democratic Party has the Heir to the Annointed One; who is being attacked by the Dogs of the Annointed One; while being challenged by Red Bernie; as Indian Princess Dances With Perjury waits in the wings like a giggly schoolgirl.

The real question for America is, can we survive yet another amoral, demagogic Democrat in the Oval Office. The current one has us on the ropes. Assuming we survive the remainder of Obama’s term, a One-World Socialist tag team could finish the job.

You can fool some of the people all of the time. That’s the Democrat base.

The question for Democrats is, can they quell their internal fighting in time to fool enough of the people one more time?

Let’s hope not.