Count the Cost: What Is Liberty Worth?

Is it worth paying the cost of freedom? Our Founding Fathers considered this when they signed the Declaration of Independence, a bold creed announcing why we should be free.  Rather than react out of emotion they carefully pondered known truths and reasoned about the value of being free.  They stood on the authority of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God that they understood entitled them to freedom.  They considered the unalienable rights endowed by God including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

constitution founding

Under their British King, they had experienced the tyranny of evil that had taken their freedoms from them.  This in spite of the Magna Carta signed in 1215 that mandated that the king and the people were equally under the same law.  The Founders prepared a list of their grievances against the King.  This list is remarkably similar to the grievances We The People should find in the complicit actions of our current government.  These include: refusing assent to our Laws (illegal immigration); refusal to pass other laws unless the people surrender their rights (Patriot Act and NDAA); obstruction of justice by refusing legitimate judiciary powers (Common Law Grand Juries); erecting a multitude of new offices (Agencies) and sending forth swarms of armed officers to harass the people; combining with others (the UN) to subject us to jurisdiction foreign to our constitution; imposing new taxes upon us without our consent (healthcare); and so many more!

Our Founders stated the purpose of government was to protect our unalienable rights deriving its power from the consent of the governed.  They reasoned that when any form of government became destructive of these rights, it was and still is the duty of the people to either change or abolish such government and to institute new government.  We The People should not make changes for light and casual causes, but if a long train of abuses seek to reduce the People’s freedom result in an absolute abuse of power, the very recognition of it becomes a duty to the People for corrective action.  The Founders actions must be a model for us today.  Considering their compelling evidence, they sought validation of their intentions from the God of the Bible.

With this confirmation, they declared themselves to be free, knowing the ultimate cost of that decision.   They recognized that it would take everything, their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  Their commitment to action rested on a firm reliance on God.   Today, we need not review the loss of freedoms that we have suffered under this present government, for it is all too apparent.  It only remains to see if we have the courage and will be willing to trust in Divine Providence.  We can restore that most precious right of liberty if we willingly bear the cost.  May God grant us the courage, strength and endurance for that challenge before us.


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