The Courts Are Fine With Imprisoning Americans Without Trial

A brief extract from a post at the Acting-Man blog:

A law suit filed by journalists and academics (including Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg, and Noam Chomsky) against the NDAA statute that provides for the secret detention of ‘terrorism suspects’ by the military on the president’s say-so, while subsequently denying them any judicial review or recourse, initially ended with the lower court siding with the journalists.

The journalists complained because the law obviously has a chilling effect on their journalistic activities. How can they report on terrorism, when e.g. an interview with a terrorism suspect could land them in indefinite detention without trial? 


The government apparently wasn’t able to completely rule out that it might actually end up detaining one of the plaintiffs one day. It is also worth pointing out here that there can actually never be a ‘cessation of hostilities’ in the ‘war on terror’. After all, terror is a tactic, and will always exist. Hence, this war is going to last forever, similar to other wars waged by the government, such as the completely ineffectual and counterproductive ‘war on drugs’, or the utter failure known as the ‘war on poverty’, to name two boondoggles that are evidently open-ended.

It is also well known that the ‘war on terror’ continually produces new terrorists, as e.g. shown by the enormously successful Al Qaeda recruitment program underway in Yemen by means of drone attacks (for every terrorist killed,  several new ones reportedly join up). In short, it is another never-ending war.

If one is actually detained under this statute, it may therefore well turn into a life sentence – only, there won’t be any sentencing. Not one detainee will ever get his day in court.

Shortly thereafter, a federal appeals court of three Obama-appointed judges restored the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA by issuing a stay of the lower court’s decision

Simply chilling. Those who will not have God to rule over them will be ruled by often capricious, evil, and unjust men.

The Supreme Court has now blessed the President with the power to imprison anyone he so chooses, with no chance for anyone—anyone—to intervene. If you’re inconvenient or meddlesome, you disappear into a military prison, and no one ever hears from you again—no evidence, no judge, no trial, no hope for release.

The standing argument effectively makes it impossible to challenge the NDAA statute, as it precludes challenges before the detention takes place, and once a person has been disappeared into military custody under the NDAA, the law explicitly denies them any access to the courts.

Welcome to the new Amerika!