Covering Up LaVena Johnson’s Rape-Murder Should Be a Capital Crime

I just learned who LaVena Johnsons is or was thanks to a Facebook friend. As it happens, American Thinker wrote about her the other day:

Sexual harassment and assault in the military are very real and concerning problems. Unfortunately, as with civilians, there is a lot of gray area regarding the guilt or innocence of the accused. American Thinker interviewed those who feel a new system must be put in place.

The current system is outdated, does not provide for impartial investigative teams, and gives too much power to those who sometimes have an agenda or a vendetta against the accused or accuser. To understand the inadequacies of the current system, some cases must be examined involving differing degrees of sexual harassment or abuse.

Army PFC LaVena Johnson was found dead on a military base in Iraq in 2005. The U.S. Army ruled her death a suicide even though an independent autopsy report and photographs revealed she had a broken nose, black eye, loose teeth, burns from a corrosive chemical on her genitals, and a gunshot wound inconsistent with suicide. Her father, Dr. John Johnson, told American Thinker he blames the Pentagon for not conducting an independent investigation. “I could talk with you for days about the inconsistencies but let’s just focus on the gunshot wound. They said my daughter, who was only 5’1, stuck an M16 rifle into her mouth and pulled the trigger. The damage to her head should have been horrific, which it was not. The hole was not consistent in size with a suicide. The investigators I hired found she was shot with a handgun, a 9 mm Beretta. People that served with her are afraid to come forward for fear it would affect their career, but they told me she was raped and murdered. I know the process needs to be changed because in my daughter’s case rank has its privilege over justice. I will continue to search for her killer.”

The American Thinker post does make a good case, because, in addition to sexual harassment and rape, there are also women who make false accusations. Senator Ted Cruz is working on reforms based on other militaries who are dealing with the issue.

Makes you realize why the Marines can’t find enough women. Who wants to be put in that environment?

But I have to say I don’t think the story of LaVena Johnson proves the Army needs a “new system.” They simply need to investigate and publicly execute not only the rapist but ever son of a dog posing as a soldier who participated in the fraud on those bereaved parents.

They need to be shot dead. They are willing accomplices in a rape/murder. Until people know the military will really hold you accountable, it will always be easier to cover up than to deal with the truth.