Coward Suspends Student For Pointing-Pencil Allegation: “We Must Do Our Duty”

I really don’t want a future for America filled with violent upheaval. But, apart from any question of attempted state power grabs and local resistance, when I see a story like this, I am tempted to think America is going to become another Afghanistan or Somalia. What can we expect to happen when the people in charge are such obvious tyrants and cowards, men scared of shadows and monsters?

A boy was suspended because someone shouted about him, as he twirled his pencil in class, “He’s making gun motions; send him to juvie!”

Notice that, when cowards rule, bullies are empowered. In this case, according to the victim, the accuser had been bullying earlier and held a grudge. Not only do bullies carry out their campaigns by their own actions, but they also find they can easily manipulate the rules to get the institutions to cooperate and continue their bullying. The punk accuser has just gotten this boy cast out of his school and subjected to five hours of psychological interrogation.

Notice, by the way, that this whole system is a provision for a class of psychiatrists and psychologists to make them money and give them a stream of publicly-funded income.

We hear a lot about how “men” refuse to “step up” and “grow up” and get married and want a family, etc. But what should we expect when they are raised in a way that pressures them to remain infants their whole lives?! A permanent man-child is the only form of male-bodied “adult” that has societal approval. Even most of the complaints about these “man-children” is really a complaint by women about what happens when men are trained not to grow up as men anymore—a phenomenon that is at least partially due to feminism.

I don’t believe the next generation will put up with this. They won’t have it. They will not be ruled by the kind of man you hear justifying himself in that phone interview. And who is this “man”? He’s everyone in the education establishment! That’s why a little boy gets suspended because his pop tart allegedly looks like a gun. Or a five-year-old is threatened with suspension for a Lego gun. Or why a young man was suspended for saving another’s life from another student who had a weapon. Non-cowards or even potential non-cowards must be corrected so they can change their ways. We are not only ruled by cowards, they have taken for themselves the office of raising our children and terrorizing them into their image.

Here was a second-grader given the re-education treatment less than a year ago.

Notice that the Delores Umbridge clone justifying the punishment of this little boy has the same shrill self-righteous speech as the superintendent in the more recent case. One sign of the Nanny state is that all the bureaucrats sound like nannies–even the male ones.

It is going to backfire. Boys may grow up to be warped men but they will still be men and they will still resent this regime. They may become socially useless, but they won’t fail to be socially disruptive.

Frankly, if we are going to live under a tyranny, I’d rather the tyrant be a real man than this kind of cowardly bureaucrat.

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