More Cowardocracy U: No Fencing Club Because they Use Pointy Things

The evidence keeps mounting that we are ruled by crybabies trying to force the next generation to also be crybabies. If you don’t like “crybabies,” then substitute “scaredy-cats.” We ban words that will “upset” people—you know, upsetting words like “birthday,” and “dinosaur.” We punish highly-respected science teachers because science projects he never saw resemble a weapon. We ban speakers because they made arguments we didn’t like (if we even understood him correctly).

And now, from WDAY 6, we have news about North Dakota State University:

The university’s weapons ban says the group’s equipment disqualifies them from practicing on campus.

The Fencing Club originally had 30 students sign up.

But only a fraction of those are able to make it to off-campus practice held at Grace Lutheran School.

NDSU considers the sport’s metal sabers to be weapons.

But fencers contend the equipment has no sharp edges and is no more dangerous than a baseball bat.

Jaime Jensen/Vice President, NDSU Fencing Club: “I think all of us are more than willing to meet with safety officials and kind of come up with a plan where we could meet on campus, but, you know, perhaps our equipment is kept under lock and key until practice hours or something of that nature.”

What kind of idiots get control of our educational institutions? It is demeaning to all of us to have this kind of fear running and ruining any college or university.

I hesitate to share the following video clip because someone might try to ban water from college campuses. But it really makes the point about the baseball bat.