Critic of Paula Deen Only Supports Black Attorneys on His Website

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. He has written “The Paula Deen Incident; you should know all that’s being alleged before defending her.”

The article has gotten a lot of attention.

I don’t know all the facts in the case, and neither does Mr. Washington. The case at this point in time is about what is “alleged.”

Mr. Washington informs us that the person bringing these charges against Deen is white, and they go back to 2007. How long was this “white woman” working for Deen after the alleged 2007 incident? Mr. Washington points out that racial issues were common with Deen. The reason we know about them is because the white woman is making the charges. She was there when they happened – since 2007.

Why didn’t Deen’s black employees report her to the EEOC or file a discrimination law suit against her and her family if these things took place as the complainant alleges?

What if Paula Deen had given advice to a friend on how to “find a white attorney”? Wouldn’t this have been considered racially insensitive and maybe even discriminatory? Why is it OK for a black attorney to direct blacks only to black attorneys like Mr. Washington does on his website?

Again, I don’t know what Paula Deen did or didn’t do. I think a lot of people who are supporting her are getting worn out with the double standard that passes itself of as racial justice.

The majority of Americans are fair-minded. They don’t use the “N” word or practice or tolerate racial injustice. But they get a little fed up with how liberals will look the other way when racial slurs are directed at conservative blacks and when any political disagreement voiced against President Obama by a conservative immediately gets labeled as a “racial attack.”

Where was the indignation from Mr. Washington when a white Democrat called Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Thomas”?

Consider this from the “Conservative Black Chick” website:

“Since Dr. Ben Carson uncorked himself as a black conservative during his speech at the White House Prayer breakfast, he’s been called an ‘Uncle Tom’ and mocked by MSNBC Toure as having ‘intellectual tumors in his mind.’ And of course civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, who told Sean Hannity ‘Carson is monster . . . and should stay in the operating room.’”

Earl W. Jackson is the nominee for lieutenant governor in Virginia. Jackson is black. Jackson created and leads the annual Martin Luther King Leadership Breakfast. He has a law degree from Harvard. He is a former Marine.

He was a law professor at Northeastern University, and practiced law for 15 years in Boston. Jackson was Deputy Commissioner of Banks for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a trustee of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce.

Perfect candidate, right? Wrong! He’s running as a Republican and is calling on his fellow blacks to leave the Democrat party. “Jackson argues passionately that no Christian — Black, Hispanic, or Caucasian — can remain any longer in the Democratic Party that booed God at the Democrat National Convention in 2012 and stands against God. He argues that the Democrat Party is like a modern-day plantation that takes Blacks for granted and exploits them.”

A lot of blacks want to maintain a racial divide because it hides the fact that there are problems in the black community that are not the fault of whites. Many of them are self-inflicted and the Democrat Party — blacks and whites alike — exploits them for political purposes.

Paula Deen may be guilty of everything that’s being alleged, and she’s paying a heft financial price for her past sins, but it’s time that blacks turn the light on their own community and stop exploiting themselves for putrid political gain.