Current Pope, Despite His Virtues, Is a Socialist

If he walks like a socialist and he quacks like a socialist…

Pope Francis 1

From Joel McDurnon at the American Vision website:

You’ve heard of “legitimate rape,” now meet its state-sanctioned cousin, “legitimate robbery.” Or, at least, hear it in the euphemized form pronounced by the People’s Pope, Pope Francis: “legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the State.”

For those of you mainstreamers who actually believed the media when they condemned Sarah Palin for calling this guy a “liberal”—folks, that was mild, and for whatever her faults and foibles otherwise may be, Palin should never have apologized for that statement. And for those of you, also, who actually believed this Pope when he assured the world he is no communist—only “caring for the poor”—well, let’s talk a little bit about walking and quacking, shall we?

Yep, the Pope ain’t perfect.

We are all captive to innumerable false ideas we learn throughout our lives, and the continual challenge is to allow God to change those wrong-headed beliefs as we encounter the wisdom He has gifted to us in His Word.

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When it comes to economics, it seems the Pope looks to baptize his mistaken ideas with the Bible, rather than letting it correct those flaws. Francis’ economic statement to world leaders promotes violation of one of the Ten Commandments: You shall not steal.

Honestly, had he left out the phase “by the State,” I would have been less disturbed. We do need legitimate distribution of wealth, and it is only by such means that poverty can truly be addressed in any lasting way. But “legitimate redistribution by the State” is a whole different animal. Now you’ve moved from sharing, giving, and charity into the realm of coercion at gunpoint—i.e. armed robbery.

To call such activity “legitimate” is to deny Scripture in the name of the poor.

Carelessly justifying bad ideas using the Bible is a temptation we all face, and when we see someone do it, we need to call them on it. Joel McDurmon nicely does just that in his piece.