D.C. Man Fined For Saving Boy’s Life

In D.C., no good deed goes unpunished. And conversely, evil deeds are routinely rewarded. They don’t call it the District of Corruption for nothing.

A 39-year-old man was facing jail time and a hefty fine on several counts of gun charges after he saved a neighborhood kid’s life by shooting at a few unleashed pit bulls that attacked the boy. Considering that he saved an 11-year-old boy’s life, prosecutors were merciful to him and decided not to get him on criminal gun charges. They instead opted to only charge him a $1,000 fine for being in possession of unregistered guns. The Washington Times recounted what happened:

 “The horrific incident that spawned the investigation occurred on a Sunday afternoon in late January as 11-year-old Jayeon Simon and his friend rode bicycles near Eighth and Sheridan streets Northwest in the Brightwood neighborhood. According to court records filed in D.C. Superior Court, three unleashed pit bulls pounced on Jayeon and attacked him. Seeing the attack, Mr. Srigley went inside his home to get his Ruger 9 mm pistol while several other men hopped over fences to get away from the dogs, court records state. From behind the wooden fence of his front lawn, Mr. Srigley began firing at the dogs. His shots attracted the attention of a Metropolitan Police Department officer on bicycle patrol nearby, and he also opened fire on the dogs, killing the other two.”

 So, if the man didn’t have any gun at all, the boy might not have survived the attack. The policeman only came over after he heard shots, so he may have not come over at all if Srigley didn’t have a gun to shoot.

Thankfully, the boy survived, but he endured injuries that will result in several scars over his body, and the boy’s family credits Mr. Srigley for saving his life.

Even though prosecutors acknowledge his good deed, “the law’s the law.” They agreed to “cut him a deal” where as long as he didn’t commit any other crimes in the next couple months, all they would require from the man is a $1,000 fine.

And of course, they had to confiscate his guns and his 100 rounds of ammo. In addition to his 9mm Ruger, he also had an antique M-1 rifle and a Mossburg 12-gauge shotgun, both of which were in a storage unit in D.C.

Srigley stated that when he lived in Virginia, his firearms were all legally purchased and registered, but that he hadn’t yet registered them in D.C. Prosecutors said he can have his guns back when he gets them registered in Maryland where he’s planning on moving.

I understand that things could have been worse. Prosecutors could have been really stupid and charged him for having unregistered guns and threw him in jail for a year. I’m glad they had some semblance of common sense. But they shouldn’t have done anything to the man except pat him on the back. And that’s something that’s not ever likely to happen in D.C., unless you’re a crook who’s been elected to find ways to steal wealth and rights from citizens.