Dad Shoots and Kills 2 Armed Thugs to Protect His Family

We just ran a story about a 21-year-old who shot and killed 1 out of 3 intruders in his Texas home which saved his parents’ life. These kinds of events probably happen all the time, but we rarely hear about them in the mainstream media. They intentionally leave them out so that their viewers are left with a skewed version of reality that gives the impression that all we have is a bunch of armed criminals committing violent crimes against defenseless people. And their focus is not so much on the criminal, but on the gun. They try to scare their audience with pictures of the gun that was used, the size of the magazine and how much ammo he had. They might even throw in a picture of the others guns he had in his possession just because.

All we hear are the stories of murder, kidnapping, rape, child molestation, robbery, etc. And the media especially love it when the victim of one of these crimes happens to be black, and the criminal happens to be white. Then they get to talk nonstop about racism. But they wouldn’t dare even mention the crime if it happened to be black-on-white violence. Because that actually wouldn’t be called violence; it would be called slave reparations.

They don’t want to mention the good stories because then their viewers might get the sense that a gun is not always a murder weapon. It can be an effective and vital tool for self-defense.

Like this recent case in Virginia. Three armed criminals broke into a family’s home in the middle of the night:

 “The incident happened around 3:30 in the morning when the trio kicked in the front door. The young father told the local CBS affiliate that ‘it sounded like a car running into the side of the house.’ The crash woke him and his two-year old son, who was sleeping next to him, up. The father then grabbed his gun, which was located nearby, and when he saw the armed intruders, opened fire.”

The 25-year-old dad shot and killed 2 of the 3 intruders, and the third bolted out the door. The man then called 911, and the police have been trying to find the third man, but have been unable to locate him. Now, since the man wasn’t able to kill the third criminal, he and his family are going to move because they don’t want the survivor coming after them again.

There’s nothing wrong with the mainstream media publicizing murders and rapes. Citizens should be aware of those crimes. But they should also publicize far and wide these types of situations where the victim was able to defend himself and bring justice to the criminal.

Criminals watch the news too. If the mainstream media publicized stories like these on a regular basis, criminals would see them and maybe think twice about committing crimes. They’re only going to commit crimes if they think their victims are defenseless. If all they saw on the news were cases of attempted armed robbery, attempted murder or attempted rape, and they were all thwarted by gun owners who also shot and killed the thugs, I think criminals would try to find a more honorable profession. Either that or just find the nearest gun-free zone.