Daily Caller Calls Attention To An Important Item In The Conservative Agenda: Police Brutality

My respect for the Daily Caller as a conservative news outlet just rose a great deal. They are featuring the headline today: “The DC’s Dirty Dozen: 12 SHOCKING police abuse stories of 2013.”

America’s police force can claim many victims this year: From senior citizens gunned down in their own homes during botched drug raids to non-violent offenders murdered via police neglect for their most basic needs.

The Daily Caller chronicled the worst police abuse stories of 2013, and has learned a few unfortunate lessons: You can be killed by police for possessing trivial amounts of marijuana — or even no drugs at all. If your autistic son tells you he met a new friend at school, that friend could be a narcotics officer trying to trick him into selling drugs. And whatever you do, stay the hell away from New Mexico cops.

Here’s their countdown:

  • 12) Father arrested for picking up his kid from school
  • 11) Shock video: Police slams inmate’s head against wall, producing bloody smear
  • 10) Felony weapons charge for student who brought fishing supplies to school
  • 9) Police allegedly beat 13-year-old with cell phone, broke his nose
  • 8) Kids no longer sure who to trust after police arrest all their friends; Autistic kid entrapped
  • 7) Police force black men to act like chimps, film it
  • 6) Texas teen spends months in jail for threat during video game; second teen arrested
  • 5) Jail guards ignore 22-year-old inmate’s dairy allergy, killing him
  • 4) Family calls 911 for help, cops show up and kill son
  • 3) Police smell meth, raid home, kill 80-year-old man, find no meth
  • 2) Car crash victim calls for help, is shot to death by police instead
  • 1) Horror: Police force man to undergo invasive anal operation; it happened again; STOP THE MADNESS

What is horrible about this dozen (which actually includes more than a dozen offenses) is that it barely covers the topic. We could mention, for example, the execution by the Dallas police or the NYPD incompetently trying to kill an unarmed man and then the prosecutor charging him for the bystanders the police wounded by their barrage of bullets. Or, perhaps most scary of all because of the mindset it reveals, the police chief asking a victim to put himself in the position of his police assailants.

It doesn’t include the behavior of the BATFE in harming minors and the mentally ill, or the torture practices of the border patrol in Texas (much like the ones in New Mexico under the Daily Caller’s #1 horror story. They don’t talk about how state legislatures empower police hyper-reach. Or how federal contractors, under the guise of bizarre research, get cops to engage in fascist roadside checkpoints. Or how Homeland Security is effectively nationalizing local police.

This is not to criticize the Daily Callers excellent story. I’m just wanting to point out that the larger context does nothing to ameliorate the seriousness of what they reveal.

These aren’t anomalies. They are the new normal. Welcome to Police State America.