David Stockman on Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve

Video: David Stockman interviewed on the baleful record of Ben Bernanke and our economy.

The video embedded below is a must-see interview!! Please… I beg you… watch it.

Are you concerned about “income inequality”? You should be, and you absolutely must understand why it’s gotten so massive. As David Stockman brilliantly explains here it’s not because of a failure of Capitalism, but a coup d’état by Central Banks in league with governments around the world.

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Central Banks are diverting financial resources into “gambling in the market” that very predominantly benefits only the most wealthy, and leaves the average worker with negative returns on his savings. When the bankers win, they win big, and when they blow it, taxpayers are made to foot the bill—it’s immoral, and it must be stopped.

There is only one candidate for the U.S. Presidency who clearly “gets” this, and it’s certainly not Hillary nor Jeb! The longer we delay making things right, the worse pain the inescapable collapse will bring. People are not generally known to make wise decisions under extreme duress (1930’s Germany is merely one example), and that should scare us all.