David Tyree Hired by Giants; Giants Attacked by the Homosexual Regime

The story of David Tyree is another signal to Christians that we are on the verge of a Homosexual thought control regime where anyone who refuses to think and speak the party line will be relegated to second-class citizenship (assuming nothing worse is done to them). Yesterday I wrote about a newspaper editor fired for being a Christian:

No, I’m not changing my mind about freedom of association. Of course a newspaper should be allowed to practice religious bigotry if they want to. But we live under a regime that is commanding all federal contractors, without exempting religious institutions, to actively recruit homosexuals and transgender. (Remember, the ultimate goal is for Congress to pass a law that will force everyone to recruit homosexuals and transgender—something influential Republicans with money have been lobbying for.) We live under a regime that is threatening the accreditation of Christian colleges. Religious freedom is intolerable for liberals because it gets in the way of forcing Christian cake decorators into pretending there is such a thing as same-sex “marriage.”  Remember, it is perfectly legal for a homosexual hair dresser to refuse service to a customer because he disagrees with the customer’s stance on homosexual “marriage,” but anyone refusing to flower up a fake Christian ceremony—a supposed “wedding” lacking one of the necessary participants—can be prosecuted as a violator of civil rights. It is fine to fire a CEO for supporting a legal campaign in favor of the same position that the President himself held (supposedly) at the time. But firing someone for supporting same sex marriage would be considered a civil rights violation in many places.

The mechanism is in place where employers are free to punish Christians and Christians are punished for firing (or even not hiring) homosexuals—or even refusing to let a man use the lady’s room or asking him not to wear a dress to work.

If anyone had doubts about what I am claiming (as opposed to merely denying it for the sake of political cover while they pursue the agenda), take a look at what has happened to the Giants. CBS Sports reports:

In 2013, he [Tyree] said this.

“I don’t agree with [gay marriage] because God doesn’t agree with it. As a Christian, I don’t agree. Society may be changing but God is not,” Tyree said. “This is not personal. I could still be in a locker room with a gay man and still love him as a teammate. I can be tolerant, but the problem is people aren’t tolerant of the views people like me have. If you don’t agree with that lifestyle, you’re a bigot. I’m not a bigot. I have different viewpoints.”

In 2011, he also tweeted this (H/T to NJ.com).

@ronbachar there are many former homosexual men & women in this country & no scientific data to support the claim of being born gay.

— David Tyree (@DTyree85) June 18, 2011

That last point — the idea that gay people have the ability to choose whether they’re gay and that gay aversion therapy can somehow “pray the gay away” — caught the attention of the Human Rights Campaign, which talked to NJ.com about the Giants latest hire.

“His misinformed and dangerous statements put his judgment into question, on and off the field,” said Fred Sainz, a spokesman for the HRC. “Why would the New York Giants organization want a guy like this working for them?”

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First let’s talk about the insane lying that everyone knows is garbage (my family-friendly word for the term whose initials are B and S). They mock “pray the gay away” but in her Orange is the New Black the author talks about people in prison who are “gay for the stay.” So they lose “the gay” without even praying. For most people (at the very least), “sexual orientation” is not set forever, but depends on the person. What these people are doing is assuming that one’s erotic memory, which can’t simply be wiped out, forever determines a person’s identity. (So if a man who is making love to his wife flashes back to an episode when he was a young teen being abused/seduced by an older man that “proves” he is forever really “gay.”) Why? Why should we be such fatalists? Practically every person who has had a kind of extreme immoral sexual encounter is going to remember it at inconvenient times as a repentant and faithful spouse. So what?

Insanely, Tyree actually agrees with what intelligent self-identified and practicing homosexual historical scholars believe about homosexuals: that it isn’t a fixed and inborn state.

What we have here are two different concepts of “gay rights” being used to confuse the populace and change the laws. The real view is that “gay rights” mean that people have the right to get erotic with the same sex, and to encourage others to do so (notoriously, it is best when they are younger). They have the right to be considered “married” with a partner. They have the right to not hear differently from anyone in society.

But this would require a lot of persuasion. It would mean the cancellation of the First Amendment. This would be difficult.

Enter the second definition of “gay rights.” In this theory, “gays” are a mutant minority (cue X-men movies) who have the right not to be discriminated against or otherwise oppressed by anti-sodomy laws or “marriage inequality.” It also allows them to take personal offense at anyone opposed to homosexual behavior as if it is an attack on a virtual racial minority. All the civil rights laws and anti-racism speech codes, all the usurped power of the Federal Government since the civil rights movement, can now be used to silence, marginalize, and punish Christians.

In the meantime, is the NFL a center of moral rectitude? Are all those neck tattoos I see tokens of vows to live a life of chastity and virtue? Do I constantly see news reports of how upright and moral NFL players are?

Disgustingly the Giants have defended their hire by hinting that they plan to change Tyree’s mind about his beliefs.