Daycare Worker Fired for Refusing to Pretend Girl was Transgender Boy

A girl with two dads was given a new name one day and daycare worker was told she was a transgender boy.

From EAG News: “Daycare manager fired for refusing to call ‘transgender’ 6-year-old a ‘boy’

A Texas daycare worker is speaking out after she and another worker were allegedly fired for refusing to treat a confused 6-year-old girl as a transgender student.

Madeline Kirksey, a Christian author and former employee at Childrens’ Lighthouse Learning Center, told two male parents of the child recently requested the school treat her as a boy, call her by a boy’s name, and instruct young students to do the same.

The school reportedly distributed an online guide “How to Handle Transgender Students,” and required teachers to use its suggestions, which included things like “help defend their dignity,” and to “educate yourself and your students” about transgender issues.

Kirksey, a manager at the school, and another employee who did not want to be identified raised issues with school administrators about talking directly to students about transgender issues, and suggested the topic would be better suited for parents. The two suggested the school inform all parents of the student’s transgender status, and resisted calling the child by a male name for obvious reasons, Fox 26 reports.

“One day, she wanted to be a girl, the next day she wanted to be a boy,” Kirksey told the news site. “The other kids are confused as well, calling her a boy and she would start screaming, ‘I’m not a boy!’”

“It caused a lot of confusion,” she said. “I don’t think we should be talking to other people’s children who are under the age of 18 about being transgender.”

School officials apparently disagree.

This certainly raises anecdotal questions as to what kind of “family” is formed by same-sex parents and how healthy that is for the child. Who thinks it is likely that a six-year-old came up with this on her own?

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Furthermore why would the daycare center teach the other children transgender dogma without bothering to notify parents?

I guess this is what happens when “love wins.”