DC Government Nannies Want 24-Hour Waiting Period for Tattoos

Officials in Washington DC want a 24-hour waiting period for anyone wanting tattoos. “The licensee or operator of a body art establishment shall ensure that no tattoo artist applies any tattoo to a customer until after twenty-four hours have passed since the customer first requested the tattoo,” a new set of regulations from the city’s Department of Health states.

The regulations go on for 66 single-spaced pages!

The abortion industry has worked long and hard to keep a waiting period for an abortion off the law books. They don’t women to think about what they might be aborting. They certainly don’t want informed consent laws. Informed consent would require a pregnant woman who is considering an abortion to undergo a sonogram.

After years of legal wrangling many states, but not all, require a 24-hour informed consent waiting period. Consider the twisted irony. An unborn child is not the mother’s skin. The baby is a unique individual with his her own genetic blue print. At no point in the pregnancy does the unborn baby come in contact with his or her mother.

Life-saving medical procedures have been performed on babies in utero. New 3D imaging shows that unborn babies aren’t just globs of tissue. They are only smaller versions of their born counterparts.In utero surgery

You’ve heard the refrain: “My body . . . My choice.” In the case of tattoos, breast augmentation, hair transplants, rhinoplasty (nose job), and any number of other on-body procedures, it’s your body and your choice. If you want to get duck lips; they’re your lips. Inject away. If you want to look like a stalking cat, you’re an idiot, but it’s your face. (Here are some really extreme examples of tattoo self-mutilation.) Have at it.

I find it amazing, however, that so much attention is given to tattoos – 66 single-spaced pages of regulations – and yet abortion providers resist regulation.

The latest part about the abortion industry is that it has to be regulated out of business rather than acknowledged by abortion providers and their political supporters that babies are being killed.

A person’s skin seems to get more attention than an unborn baby. President Obama has God to “bless” Planned Parenthood and a group of Democrat politicians prayed to ask God to keep abortion legal in their state.