DC Most Homosexuals, Most Adulterers, Most Thieves: Is There a Connection?

I’ve always maintained that the reason people are increasing their support for same-sex sex and same-sex marriage is because it allows them to engage in what was once considered to be immoral sexual practices. “If it’s now determined that sticking your penis where the sun down shine is now morally acceptable behavior, then where does it matter where I stick it?” So it’s no wonder that the place where laws are made to stick it to us is the place where they are sticking to one another:

“More people per capita in the D.C. metropolitan area sign up for the website Ashley Madison than in any other city, according to the site, which helps people looking to stray. Washington has the highest per capita membership among the site’s 13 million users, The Washington Post reports.”

It’s no coincidence that Washington is the adultery and homosexual capital of the United States.  One articles states that “Washington D.C. trumps California as most gay place in the United States.” This certainly explains how the folks in Washington screw us daily with no moral disapproval. If two types of screwing are now OK, what’s one more going to hurt? Just bend over and take it.

If the unnatural and once-thought-of immoral practice of homosexuality is now normalized for the military, then why should once prohibited immoral heterosexual practices be outlawed for military personnel, members of Congress, and the lobbyists and government workers in our nation’s capital?

Are we surprised that Democratic Senator Menendez is getting a pass on charges that he engaged with prostitutes in the Dominican Republic? He’s no Bill Clinton, but, hey, he’s a liberal Democrat, so what’s a little sex on the side among friends? It’s only sex.

The late New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan described this phenomenon in a 1993 paper as “Defining Deviancy Down,” defined by Suzanne Fields as “lowering the bar for what was once considered deviant behavior, giving a pass to things society once scorned.”

Moynihan started from Emile Durkheim’s proposition that there is a limit to the amount of deviant behavior any community can “‘afford to recognize’ and that, accordingly, we have been re-defining deviancy so as to exempt much conduct previously stigmatized, and also quietly raising the ‘normal’ level in categories where behavior is now abnormal by any earlier standard. This redefining has evoked fierce resistance from defenders of ‘old’ standards, and accounts for much of the present ‘cultural war. . . .’”

As the amount of deviancy increases, the community adjusts its standards so that conduct once thought deviant is no longer considered so. What seems like a trivial accommodation today devolves over time into extravagant ways generationally.

Robert Bork, in the Preface to Herbert Schlossberg’s magisterial book Idols for Destruction that every kid going off to college needs to read, recognizes the “borrowed capital” principle.

Some few years ago friends whose judgment I greatly respect argued that reli­gion constitutes the only reliable basis for morali­ty and that when religion loses its hold on a society, standards of mo­rality will gradually crumble. I objected that there were many moral people who are not at all religious; my friends replied that such people are living on the moral capital left by generations that believed there is a God and that He makes demands on us. The pros­pect, they said, was that the remaining moral capital would dwindle and our society become less moral. The course of society and culture has been as they predict­ed, which cer­tainly does not prove their point but does provide evidence for it.1

So if you want to know why tax payers are being prostituted to serve the welfare State, now you have some idea. Immorality has consequences beyond the bedroom or the bathroom stall.

  1. Robert H. Bork, “Preface” in Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction: Christian Faith and Its Confrontation with American Society (Washington, D.C.: Regnery Gateway, [1983] 1990), xvi. []