De Blasio’s Secret Government in New York City

Back in March we told you that the Associated Press was reporting on how the Obama Administration is constantly denying Freedom of Information requests. The White House’s record-breaking secrecy isn’t unique among monstrously liberal regimes. Now the AP is reporting that we are seeing new levels of secrecy from the New York City mayor’s office.

From the first moments of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration, when he initially declared his midnight swearing-in off limits to the media, he has established a record of frequently conducting public business in private, with dozens of events closed to the press.

In nearly five months in office, de Blasio barred the media from 53 events and limited access to 30 more, an Associated Press analysis of de Blasio’s schedule shows. On a handful of days, his entire schedule was off limits. All told, more than 20 percent of his listed events were closed to the media.

Events in which reporters were notified of their existence but prevented from attending ranged from meetings with government figures such as the mayor of Seattle and Israel’s minister of foreign affairs to sit-downs with the NBA commissioner, the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Russian band Pussy Riot.

Often, the mayor’s photographer later published images from those so-called private meetings, meaning that an official image of the event is the only one that exists. It’s a tactic President Barack Obama has also used while restricting access to events in the White House and around the world. Several news organizations, including the AP, refuse to distribute such handout images from Obama or de Blasio.

I think it is fascinating that the editors and writers for AP are so frustrated with de Blasio that they are openly comparing his bad behavior to that of President Barack Obama. Is there an Ultra-Liberal manual that they both have?

Like Obama, de Blasio made all kinds of promises about transparency before installing his reign of secrecy.

De Blasio, a populist Democrat who campaigned with promises of an open administration, said in a news conference in Brooklyn on Tuesday that he “believes deeply in transparency” and that his administration could do better.

It is fairly obvious that he will keep making that excuse as he finds new ways to hide from or control the media. And if this is his own behavior, there is not much chance he is going to get the NYPD to start behaving any better.