Dear Congress: About Those Hard Drives — If You Aren’t Part of the Solution…

“…the FEC recycled Ms. Sands’ hard drive before the [Office of the Inspector General] was able to seize it…” (source).

As The Blaze reported, “Would You Believe, Another Crashed Hard Drive?

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Monday made yet another request to the federal government for details about a crashed hard drive that may have contained information allowing criminal charges to be brought against a federal official.

Issa’s newest letter concerns the hard drive of April Sands, a former employee at the Federal Election Commission who resigned in the spring after admitting to violations of the Hatch Act. That law puts restrictions on the ability of government officials to conduct political activities while on the job, or from government offices.

Issa noted that while Sands admitted to violating the law, the FEC just recently told Congress that it could not recover her hard drive, which made it impossible to seek criminal charges against her.

“Recent information obtained by the committee suggests that the FEC OIG could not pursue criminal prosecution for the misconduct because the attorney’s hard drive had been recycled by the FEC,” Issa’s letter said.

Dear Congress,

Yes, we realize recycling is all the rage these days but we citizens are getting a bit tired of hearing such stories in relation to criminals within the Federal Government. Please see to it that each worker whose hard drive has miraculously failed just after the time of his or her criminal activity is seized and recycled to GITMO. You can leave them there and turn the place back over to Fidel Castro for all we care.

If you continue your craven refusal to act, please realize one day soon we’ll seek to send all of your sorry behinds to GITMO. Enough is enough! Start issuing subpoenas to every IT person connected in any way, form, or fashion to these egregious incidents at the IRS and FEC.

Stop this nonsense, now!! Quit throwing marshmallows… start using lead and steel. These cretins are making all of you look like powerless, clueless fools.