Dear Edward Snowden: Don’t Appeal To Felons For Mercy

This makes me mad:

(Newser) – Edward Snowden says he hopes international pressure will persuade the US government to stop “persecuting” him with espionage charges but he appears to have as much hope of receiving clemency as he does of getting his old job back. The NSA leaker “violated US law,” White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer says. “He should return to the US and face justice.” Snowden released a manifesto yesterday denouncing mass surveillance and saying that telling the truth shouldn’t be considered a crime, NBC reports.

“We have a moral duty to ensure that our laws and values limit surveillance programs and protect human rights,” Snowden wrote. But the White House’s rejection of clemency was backed by the leaders of the House and Senate intelligence committees, with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein accusing Snowden of doing an “enormous disservice to our country,” reports the Guardian.

I’m not mad because of the response to Snowden. I’ve already got mad when I realized our government was run by self-righteous, sociopathic, narcissistic, criminal control freaks. This bit of news is simply an affirmation that such is the case. It doesn’t teach me anything new about our ruling class and it doesn’t surprise anyone who is aware of the US government right now.

I’m mad because I don’t think someone like Edward Snowden, whatever his own moral failings and frailties and impure motives, should ever denigrate himself by asking for anything from such people. They are unworthy of him. “Face justice”?

If I could talk to Snowden I’d remind him that the Orwellianly-named Department of Justice is run by a guy who, just to name a more recent scandal, was involved in “walking” firearms to Mexico to be used by drug traffickers and kill both Mexicans and Americans.

Does Eric Holder show any signs of shame or remorse? Of course not.

Do the media show any interest in investigating? No.

Does the Left care? No, they are shamelessly using the government’s own crime as a “reason” to curtail the Second Amendment. They are calling for gun control laws to allegedly prevent guns from getting to Mexico while not saying anything about holding Holder, the Department of Justice, or the BATFE accountable.

That is just one example among many.

Those people don’t have consciences, Snowden. But they do have enemies lists. They hate being humiliated because they don’t understand the concept of humility.

You can’t expect mercy from felons. They not only want revenge. They want the chance to perform public hypocrisy in an official, judicial setting in order to ascribe to themselves the moral high ground.

They need to condemn you.

Don’t appeal to their sense of mercy or justice.

There is nothing there to appeal to.