How Death Panels Work Without Being Legal

Guaranteed: Unless Obamacare is killed… the elderly and infirm will be.

Once government makes all the decisions on who gets care and when, you’ll have nowhere to turn—even if you have the money to pay.

Big hearts and no brain activity leads to terrible outcomes. Think, people! If a consummate, pathological liar is the one promoting something, do you really think it’s going to be good for you?

From The Telegraph:

More than 450,000 frail elderly and disabled people who would until recently have received state-funded care have been shut of the system because of pressure to cut numbers, a stark new report concludes.

The academic study, published as MPs prepare to debate the Government’s long-awaited overhaul of care, found that almost 40 per cent of those who would have had some help with basic tasks such as washing and dressing less than a decade ago are now left to fend for themselves.

It comes as an alliance of 75 charities warned that the Government’s good intentions in overhauling the system risk being completely undermined by a “black hole” in funding for social care.

The report, by researchers at the London School of Economics, describes cuts in the last two years alone as “without precedent in the history of adult social care”.


Significantly, it found that the sheer speed at which people have been excluded from the social care system outstrips the rate at which rules about who qualifies for care have been tightened up.

The only explanation for that, the report suggests, is that social workers who assess people to decide whether they are frail enough to need care are under pressure to operate an extra “implicit criteria” – meaning that they are being told to apply an even more strict interpretation than the rules might suggest on paper.

All of this might just force us to reevaluate things, and—as families—retake the responsibility to care for our elders as they head toward their earthly finish line. Of course, then we’d have to stare mortality in the face more often… and that might make us think about what is beyond this life… and that might be really, really, really scary for too many people, so… what WILL we do?