Death Squad Update: Executed Victim Was Face Down when Shot, according to Attorney

I got so angry posting about this homicide that I used the term “Death Squad” for the police raid. Was I using inaccurate hyperbole?


For those who don’t have time to follow the link, allow me to recap:

  • David Hooks was a resident of Dublin, Georgia, who is not a young African American with a criminal history and is thus never going to be given national media attention.*
  • David Hooks had his SUV stolen from his house.
  • He reported this theft to the police.
  • The police found the SUV and the robber gave them a story that Hooks had meth.
  • On that basis alone, a judge granted a warrant so that a Drug Task Force and members of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Response Team could raid the Hooks home.
  • Hooks’ wife said that they thought the burglars had returned. She woke of her husband and he grabbed his firearm before being shot and killed by police.
  • The police say they issued many warnings and loud declarations, but that Hooks inexplicably came at them with a shotgun.
  • All the bullets came from cops; Hooks never managed to fire a shot.

So now it gets worse.

To put this in proper perspective, remember what stories or speculations were circulating about how Michael Brown died before the medical examiners made their reports. If Brown had died from bullet wounds in the back it would have looked much worse for Darren Wilson…

So now the Hooks attorney is citing EMS and hospital records saying that it appears David Hooks received two bullet wounds while lying face down.

According to WMAZ:

He says officers were looking for drugs in the home, but didn’t find any. [Family attorney Mitchell] Shook says the officers fired 17 shots inside the home and struck Hooks.

He says Hooks had four wounds, two of which he says are very problematic. Shook says that’s according to the Laurens County EMS records. He says the same information is found in the medical records from Fairview Park Hospital.

“One was to the side of the head, the other, was in his back, the back of his left shoulder, based on the evidence we see, we believe that David Hooks was face down on the ground when he received those last two shots,” says Shook.

They are still waiting for the official autopsy.

This whole episode is gruesome, but the thing that gets to me is that the new widow had to sit there in handcuffs for two hours while the killers ransacked the home (and found nothing). “She says during that time, she had to watch her husband on a stretcher without a word from officers about what was going on.”

So what are the chances that the Grand Jury allows this to go to trial?

Thanks to for alerting us to this story.

* For the record, I don’t object to people of any race with a criminal history getting national media attention. I just don’t understand why more people don’t get that same attention.