Dem Senator Complains of MSNBC’s Right Wing Bias; Wants More Talk of “Enormous Successes”

MSNBC is too biased against Obamacare. That’s what Senator Chris Murphy told Tamron Hall today after the President’s announcement of dictatorial powers to change the implementation of Obamacare.

The first thing to point out is that MSNBC is being heavily biased in how they cover the few million cancellations because they have, to my knowledge, not informed viewers that this is just the beginning—cancellations could happen for as many as 93 million people.

Apart from the ridiculous charge that Murphy makes against MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media, what are we to say with the “positives” he lists? The Daily Caller quotes him:

I just wish we were spending as much time talking about the enormous successes with this law’s implementation… “In Connecticut, we are far above our initial goals for enrollment in the first month. We have people that are celebrating the fact that for the first time ever they are able to afford insurance, that sick people that had been denied by the insurance companies now finally are going to get treatment for their diseases and illnesses. That’s the real story here… I just don’t think there has been enough context with respect to all the people who are enjoying a transformation in terms of their health care.

I am going to say this as plainly as I can. Every single good news is a story of evil, plunder, and even real death and destruction.

Obamacare is structured so that the “winners” get stuff at the expense of the losers. The winners, who are not dead, get some medication, or counseling for substance abuse, or maternity coverage. The losers, pay through the nose for worse policies, and sometimes even face premature death. Some examples:

Besides the disruption caused by losing one’s own doctor, in most cases there is the added problem that the new plans are much more expensive than the old plan. Why? Because the new plans are priced to pay for other people and their needs. So a man struggling with cancer must now by insurance that includes maternity care. A woman finds that the Affordable Care Act makes her pay for the counseling of an alcoholic.

“All the people who are enjoying a transformation in terms of their health care” are experiencing the joy of a vampire slurping from the vein of a human victim.

There were winners and losers under “the old system” but no one was robbing another of life. Obamacare has not only spread misery, but it has put people in an immoral position against their neighbors. It has turned us into a nation of oppressors, plunderers, and even killers.

Sorry, Senator Murphy, but your “good news” disgusts anyone who is not a violent sociopath. I hate seeing poor people suffer. But giving them loaded guns to use to steal from, and even kill, their neighbors, in a way that leaves even more people suffering, is not a moral or rational response.

But it is Obamacare, exactly.