Democrat Blaming IRS Victims Like Blaming Rape Victims for Being Raped

How many times have you heard people say that a rape victim is not really a victim because of the way she was dressed? Somehow the rapist is justified in raping a woman because she wouldn’t really “want it” if she hadn’t dressed a certain way. She was “asking for it.”

Does this mean that a thief is not responsible for stealing money he sees in a cash drawer? Or a person who leaves a long and deep scratch on a Mercedes or BMW is not responsible for the envy he feels?

Democrat Congressman Jim McDermott of Washington state pulled the “blame the victim” card in his questioning witnesses over the IRS scandal:

“McDermott lashed out at the witnesses, saying ‘each of your groups are highly political’ and said that Tea Party and conservative groups that were essentially asking for ‘a tax break’ were trying to game the system and should have been scrutinized for submitting applications for tax-exempt status. He continued by saying taxpayers should know ‘which side you fall on’ and whether groups were interested in finding voters who vote without IDs or doing things like promoting Communist views.”

Blaming the victim is a scandalous tactic, and if a Republican had done it, the rape card would have been thrown out on the table immediately.

Women’s groups around the country would be in front of every microphone horrified that blaming the victim was even suggested.

McDermott “suggested the law should be rewritten to prevent groups that engage in political activity from getting tax-exempt status.” Does this include liberal or so-called “progressive” organizations and groups like labor unions? Labor unions are exempt under 501(c)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC):

No specific requirements for exemption are given in IRC 501(c)(5). . . . Although an IRC 501(c)(5) organization must be organized and operated for these three purposes1, there is no strict organizational test as there is for IRC 501(c)(3) organizations.”

The tax-exempt deck is stacked in favor of liberal organizations and against conservative groups. It’s been like that for nearly 100 years.

Rep. Paul Ryan “noted that he asked ousted acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller whether the agency targeted groups that had names affiliated with progressive groups in their application, and Miller replied those groups were not targeted.”

The end of McDermott’s congressional tenure is long overdue. He’s a political pariah, even for a Democrat.

  1. 1. the betterment of the conditions of those engaged in labor, agricultural, or horticultural pursuits; 2. the improvement of the grade of their products; and, 3. the development of a higher degree of efficiency in their respective occupations []