Democrat Says Racist ‘Crazy Crackers’ Killing GOP

The racism and bigotry of the Left is an old story; its hypocrisy on “equality” is writ large.

As fervently as liberals believe in the seething hatred for humanity supposedly held by conservatives, they also believe in the purity of their own cause, which gave us groups like the KKK and Nazis.

The race hucksters in the Democratic Party are just parodies of themselves, and no one on the Left seems to notice it.

Take for example Democratic strategist and MSNBC political analyst Karen Finney, who was asked this week to weigh in on the GOP’s political future with Latino voters and said:

“As in ’05 and ’06, the death knell for Republicans is the tone of this conversation.  … So these guys have to be very, very careful.  And the other thing these guys know is, those crazy crackers on the right, if they start with their very hateful language, that it’s going to kill them in the same way that they learned at their little retreat that let’s not talk about rape.”

For an MSNBC “journalist,” this was standard fare, but comedy is all in the delivery.

The panel of straight men didn’t bat an eye at her using the term “crazy crackers” to complain about Republicans’ supposed “tone” toward Latinos.

If the Left were ever to tell the truth about racism and language, the conversation wouldn’t be about us “crazy crackers” on the Right but about the Left-leaning media and Democrat activists who make up racial conflict out of whole cloth.

Remember the claims by politicians and other celebrities of all the racial epithets being thrown around Tea Party rallies? Yet somehow, the slurs just didn’t record on any of the videotapes.

It’s always that way with liberals.

It reminds me of one of my early jobs as a young recent graduate. Despite going to a liberal college, somehow racism hadn’t yet sunk in to my bones. Rather, I should say, the concept that as a white man I was supposed to be racist hadn’t sunk in. I still saw people as people.

So on my first or second day on the job, I was trying to find a fellow employee whom I had spoken to earlier, but I couldn’t yet recall his name. So I described him to my boss, down to the type of baseball cap he was wearing and the cut of his mustache.

She asked me if he was black. I honestly hadn’t noticed. My boss, who was a Kewpie doll blonde liberal, just looked at me in utter disbelief and said, “You didn’t notice if he was BLACK?”

Until that day, no. But ever since then, I’ve understood that skin tone and ethnicity are not only supposed to be the first things I notice, but they are the only things that matter in the liberal lexicon.

So in the spirit of liberalism, I would just like to put Ms. Finney on notice that the term “crazy crackers” is pejorative unless you’re talking about a new brand of breakfast cereal.

Let us get our epithets straight. Please, Ms. Finney, from now on refer to me as a “Cracker-American.”

And mind your tone.