Democrat Says ‘Romney Should Be Ashamed of His Roots’

On the second night of the Democratic National Convention, Delaware Governor Jack Markell gave a speech that was focused on small businesses. It was as compelling a speech as has been typical for the DNC so far — stiff and cookie-cutter. But there was one comment he made at the beginning of his speech that was very curious.

Markell, being the governor of Delaware, made a remark about Vice President Joe Biden, also from that state:

Joe has never forgotten his middle-class roots or the lessons he learned. And you know what? Mitt Romney hasn’t forgotten his roots or the lessons he’s learned either. And that’s what worries me about Mitt Romney.

Markell believes Biden has kept in touch with his roots, which he calls middle-class, and it is for this fact — or let’s call it a belief — that Markell sang his praises.

Then Markell said Romney also has not forgotten his own roots. This, Markell said, is something to worry about.

And what are Mr. Romney’s roots? It has been one of the top priorities of the Democrats to remind us daily that Romney’s roots are wealthy ones. His parents were rich, you see. That Mitt Romney donated his inheritance to charity is, according to these same Democrats, no matter.

Democrats insist that in their playbook there can be found no pages concerning class warfare. Well, at the DNC on Wednesday night, Gov. Jack Markell evidently had taken those pages out and read from them at his podium.

For what are the implications of Markell’s disparagement of Romney’s roots if not the disparagement of his wealth? Markell, with the full support of the audience at the DNC, made it explicit: Romney should not remember his roots, because his roots grew from the independent successes of Romney’s parents. Romney grew up rich, and for this, Jack Markell, a governor in one of these United States, tells his fellow Americans that Romney should feel a deep, burdensome shame.

This is the fundamental, undeniable truth about the Democratic Party, as admitted at the Democratic convention in casual, almost imperceptible passing in a speech: they believe that those on the lower rungs of economic status should be proud of their lack of money, and that those on the upper rungs of economic status should turn their backs on their successes.

If I could, I’d ask the undecided voters and the Independents if the Democratic Party is in touch with their beliefs. If so, then this is no longer America, and should Obama win re-election, we will reap what we sow.

[The Democrats should be reminded that they are the party of the Kennedys and John Kerry. What about their economic roots? And one more thing from the Delaware Department of State Division of Corporations

“Close to a million business entities have made Delaware their legal home. Furthermore, while the sheer number of corporations organized in Delaware is significant, more significant still is the fact that so many large and important corporations are incorporated in Delaware. Of the corporations that make up the Fortune 500, more than one-half are incorporated in Delaware. It is no wonder that Delaware has become almost a brand name for the “business” of serving as the official home for corporations.”

I wonder what Gov. Markell has to say about the inherited wealth of one of his state’s favorite sons — Pierre “Peter” du Pont IV? Apparently there’s a lot of shame to go around. GD]