Democrat “States’ Rights” Deception Exposed

Following Barack Obama’s announcement that he personally backs same sex “marriage,” a group of California Democratic lawmakers is advocating a flip-flop in the official Democratic Party Platform.

More than two dozen members of the California Democratic congressional delegation have now signed on to a “Freedom to Marry” letter urging the Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee to adopt President Obama’s pro-sodomy position. Democrats in other states often follow California’s lead.

Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) also backs the shift.

This represents a shift in position in the official voice of the Democratic Party, and exposes the deception behind homosexual rights strategy.

If the pro-sodomy language being pushed by “Freedom to Marry” is adopted, the party’s platform would endorse same-sex “marriage” for the first time.

Back in 2008, the Democrat platform stated, “We oppose the Defense of Marriage Act and all attempts to use this issue to divide us,” but it did not explicitly call for the legalization of same-sex “marriage.”

In 2004, the party’s platform condemned Republican attempts to pass a constitutional amendment barring same-sex “marriage” but also said the decision should be left to the states: “In our country, marriage has been defined at the state level for 200 years, and we believe it should continue to be defined there. We repudiate President Bush’s divisive effort to politicize the Constitution by pursuing a ‘Federal Marriage Amendment.’ Our goal is to bring Americans together, not drive them apart.”

This “states rights” language is now exposed as a strategic deception.

Democrats don’t really believe in states’ rights.

Republicans generally support states rights, but seek federal statutes and Constitutional Amendments to put a leash on federal — especially judicial — activism. The Federal Marriage Amendment was not designed to expand federal power so much as to curtail federal judges who were imposing normalization of homosexuality on unwilling states.

Democrats use “states rights” language to torpedo Republican efforts to restrict federal — especially judicial — activism.

But now we see that when political power seems to have shifted in favor of public legitimization of homosexual relations, Democrats are coming “out of the closet” and repudiating their earlier posturing as defenders of states rights.