Democrats Block Obamatrade

Wha-a-a-a-a-a? …

It’s finally happened. The day has come when the House Democrats’ actions are actually saving the Republic from the Republican leadership and the ambitions of the Democrats’ own creation, President Obama.

That’s right.

The party that was so happy a year ago about Obama’s ever-expanding usurpation of powers that some of its members were sending him lists of topics to use executive authority on, has just blocked Obamatrade.

It wasn’t solely the Democrats’ doing, of course, but the 158 Republicans who voted against the secret trade package that granted new, expansive authority to the king, er, president wouldn’t have been able to succeed without the help of 144 Democrats.

The vote exposed deep rifts in both parties as the rank-and-file abandoned their leaders to take down the deal that has been kept hidden from the public.

The Republican leaders were left with their jaws on the floor, while Nancy Pelosi saw which way the wind was blowing at the last second and switched her support so she could scramble back to her seat on the Democrat bus. But the vote has seriously weakened her hand as well, possibly even damaging the unholy alliance between her and Speaker John Boehner.

The temporary defeat (there’s a do-over vote next week) of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is remarkable because both parties were able to step back from their usual dogmatic perches long enough to compromise and come together for the betterment of the country.

While Republicans stepped away from their penchant for international trade deals, the Democrats stepped into the light and ditched their usual back-alley, lockstep approach to politics by voting against the presidential secrecy.

For once, the Democrats’ anti-corporate instincts served them well, and for once, the Republicans stuck by their espoused dedication to constitutional principles.

By doing so, the House has knocked the Obama Administration back on its heels and slowed Obama’s one-world power grab.

It’s weird, but for the time being, it’s a win-win for the American people.