Democrats Are Desperate To Get the Nation To Worry About Climate Change

Since this piece of political theater involves Democrats staying up late at night when they would rather be sleeping or carousing, I have to assume they are really passionate about the issue.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

On Monday night, Senate Democrats are hosting a rare pajama party of sorts, conducting an all-night “talkathon” on climate change – minus the pajamas, and definitely minus some of their colleagues.

Twenty-eight Democrats and two left-leaning Independents, including Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada and his top lieutenants, are scheduled to speak in shifts until about 9 a.m. Tuesday. The event is not a filibuster, nor is it related to any legislation. The intent is to urge a divided Congress and nation to “wake up” on this issue.

Some notable Democrats, however, are no-shows: Mark Begich of Alaska, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas. It’s not that they want their shut-eye. It’s that they want to win their very competitive races come November.

The bizarre assumption of the story is that we need an explanation for why some Democrats are not participating. I don’t agree. What needs explaining is why Democrats are doing so much for a dogma that is not believed by many scientists.

But the fact that, except for a few, many Democrats are going to actually take part in this ritual shows you that they really want to do anything they can to get people concerned. Personally, I’m hopeful this means they know they are losing ground on the issue and they are desperate. In fact, we can hope that, by clinging to this issue, the Democrats ultimately destroy themselves.

Meanwhile, Americans don’t consider climate change high on their list of national priorities. According to a January 2014 survey by Pew Research, it ranked second-to-last among 20 issues tested, with a rating of 29 percent.

Many Democrats, however, still believe climate change is a winner for them. It certainly could be in the long term, because young people are far more concerned about it than are older Americans.

Right, but what happens if seven out of the next ten winters are like the one from which we are just exiting? We have a chance here for Democrats to suffer a large loss of credibility.

Notice, once again, that these politicians are showing far more concern about alleged Global Warming than they are for Ukraine and Russia.