Democrats Implode, Turning on One Another

Watching Democrats implode is more entertaining than watching Republicans win.


Before the election results began coming in, the Democrats were already blaming one another for losing the election! As the Washington Times reports, “Obama to Democratic hopefuls: It’s your fault if you lose.”

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee, a rising force on the left and the biggest champion of Mrs. Warren and other populist liberals, took direct aim at Mr. Obama while pushing wholesale changes in the Democratic Party.

“The White House failed to define any agenda for voters in 2014,” the PCCC said in a statement. “Progressives will remold the Democratic Party in Elizabeth Warren’s image — focused on big ideas and popular economic issues. We’ll organize in New Hampshire and Iowa to ensure that all Democrats running for president take a position on Warren’s populist agenda of reforming Wall Street, reducing student debt, and expanding Social Security benefits.”

But the White House clearly views Tuesday’s election results much differently.


White House press secretary Josh Earnest specifically singled out Democratic gubernatorial candidates, some of whom the president has personally stumped for over the past few weeks.

Ultimately, it’s the quality of these candidates that is going to be the driver of success in this election … the president was looking to be supportive of these Democratic candidates for governor. But ultimately, it is these governors or these candidates whose record is on the ballot,” Mr. Earnest said.

The White House also maintains that Tuesday’s elections — including races for governor, Senate and House — are not a true referendum on Mr. Obama’s record and should not be judged as such.

“The vast majority of voters are making a decision on election day based on the merits associated with the candidates at the top of the ballot,” Mr. Earnest said.

If the White House thought there was much chance of any win for Democrats they would want to try to take credit for it.

So they must not be very optimistic.

On the other hand, the idea that Elizabeth Warren represents a credible “populism” is nothing more than a delusion. In 2008, Barack Obama ran for office with populist rhetoric. It didn’t make any difference. There is no reason to believe it would make any difference if Elizabeth Warren won the presidency.

The bottom line is that Obama did define an agenda and the American people are fed up with it. It is part of the reason why democrats are being defeated.