Democrats Say “No” To Defunding Obamacare, Then Blame Republicans

Yesterday the House passed almost precisely along party lines a bill that aimed to defund Obamacare. I’ve long been in agreement with the “establishment” that this would be an entirely useless endeavor since defunding Obamacare will never be taken up by Democrat-controlled Senate. Even if it would be, and was miraculously passed there, it would more than certainly be vetoed by President Obama.

But the Republicans in the House have gone about this in an uncharacteristically smart way. Since funding for the federal government runs out after September 30—after which point, if no spending deal is reached nor bill passed, the government will shut down (would that it were so!)—the bill they’ve passed agrees to continue funding the federal government and all its myriad programs that range from the useless and ineffective to the counterproductive and detrimental, as long as Obamacare is defunded.

The bill, in essence, is Republicans telling Democrats, “Here you go: we’ll give you everything, everything, all of the money you want for these programs, all of the money for those programs, all of the money you want to throw at this problem and that problem, everything you want, thousands upon thousands of programs and departments, all the money you want to fund all those programs you want—and in return, all you have to do is get rid of one of those programs, a program which America got along much better without only three years ago, namely Obamacare.”

Democrats, displaying their knack for compromise, swiftly harrumphed in unison, “No!” And now they are blaming Republicans for what will be the result of the Democrats’ “no,” namely a government shutdown. Democrats are saying that it is a blatant attempt on Republicans’ part to shut down the government, an assertion easily countered with the logical argument that if they wanted to shut down the government, they would have simply done nothing and let the funding cease on September 30 without any possibility of its being extended.

If the government shuts down, it will be the fault of Democrats for refusing to compromise on a deal whose offerings for them, in any other situation, would be considered the negotiating equivalent of Christmas Day. It’s not that Democrats don’t understand that in compromises, each party gets something he likes and something he dislikes—in this case, Republicans get to nix Obamacare at the heavy price of keeping the rest of the federal government in place, and Democrats get to keep all of their beloved government programs funded at the small price of nixing Obamacare—no, Democrats do understand that that’s what compromise entails. It’s simply that they don’t want to compromise. And now they are throwing a tantrum because they know in their seldom-used heads that any resultant shutdown will be clear to the public that it was because they said “no.” Publicly, of course, they will blame their own obstinate actions on others (in this case, the Republicans), as is customary of a leftist.