Democrats Threaten Sheriffs with Extortion over Gun Control Laws

Colorado lawmakers are pushing through gun control legislation that will limit the freedoms of all the people living in the state. This will affect the ability of the law-abiding people of Colorado to defend themselves from people who have no regard for the law.

Reports are that sheriffs who oppose the new legislation are being threatened: If you don’t obey the law you won’t get paid.

This might be the time for jurisdictions where the sheriffs reside to take over the pay of the sheriffs. Why are sheriffs being paid at the state level? Local control means local pay. Whoever pays the band calls the tune.

The same is true at the Federal level. The Federal government taxes us and then returns the money to the states as it sees fit based on Federal law. If a state fails to comply with a Federal law, the government withholds the money it took from the taxpayers of that state. Genius!

El Paso County (Colorado) Sheriff Terry Maketa “cited an email he received from another sheriff that read, ‘…I have been advised by a reliable source at the Capitol that the Dems are seriously not pleased with the [sheriffs’] positions on the gun bills … [S]upport of SB197 [one of the gun bills] would put us in a more favorable light for salary bill support from the Dems…’”

Of course, Colorado Democrats say that the pay issue doesn’t have anything to do with new gun legislation.

We’re dealing with politicians. They rarely tell the truth.

The biggest problems the sheriffs is how to enforce these new laws:

“Maketa said some of the gun control bills that have passed the legislature as unenforceable — that he would simply assume that people’s guns had been purchased before the law and that they therefore would be grandfathered in.

“‘I can’t tell you when those [guns] were sold, bought and purchased. As far as I’m concerned, they were all pre-July 1 if the governor does sign this bill,’ he told a crowd last week.”

The sheriffs are oath-bound to enforce all laws, including gun control laws, but every new law passed puts a strain on law enforcement officials who can’t raise taxes or print money to hire more people to check on citizen compliance.

These new gun control laws apply mostly to law-abiding citizens. They’re not the problem. It’s the people who have no regard for the law that cause enforcement issues. No law official can determine beforehand who will break a law.

Limited resources will now have to be expended to enforce a law that is designed to stop what can’t be stopped. Guns don’t load themselves. Guns don’t shoot themselves. If someone wants to get a high-capacity magazine, he’ll find a way to get one — legally or illegally.

Elected officials believe that the passage of a new law about how people use “things” will solve the problem. Maybe they need to talk with government officials in Chicago where the gun laws are the envy of every liberal and criminal.

Government officials would do better checking on what psychoactive drugs doctors are prescribing to children. Is it possible that some of these drugs may be the real trigger in some of these shootings?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is concerned about sugar in drinks and salt in food, but almost nothing is said about prescription drugs that alter moods and perceptions or reality.

Pro-gun groups are often criticized for the influence they have over elected officials. Can’t the same thing be said about drug companies? So instead of going after high-capacity magazines and new gun control legislation, maybe it’s time that we look at some other indicators.