Democrats Want Ban on Online Ammo Purchases

Scratch a Democrat, find a pro-government, anti-citizen gun grabber.

How many times have we heard the false mantra that restricting legal sales of guns or ammunition will “save lives”?

They’re at it again.

After the recent defeat of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ attempt to reclassify common ammunition for the AR-15 as “armor piercing,” Democrats have regrouped and are rallying around the Stop Online Ammunition Sales act, proposed by Bonnie Watson Coleman.

The act would require all ammo purchases to be made in person, ammo sellers to be licensed, and bulk sales would be automatically reported to the government.

(Wouldn’t it be nice if the government would report what it’s really doing with all its billion-plus-rounds bulk purchases? But I suppose that’s another issue.)

Bill co-sponsor Rep. Frank Pallone wrote on Facebook that limiting ammunition will curb gun violence. (You know what else would work, Frank? Closing the border and deporting all the criminals. But I digress. …)

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“Far too many times, we have seen the shocking images of unspeakable gun violence that could have been prevented,” he wrote. “Our bill to limit the online sale of ammunition is a long-overdue common sense reform that I am hopeful will spark Congress to put aside party difference and come together to help prevent such senseless tragedies. …┬áReforming the unregulated online ammo market could prevent next gun tragedy.”

Considering all the recent “gun tragedies” Democrats have been howling about have been police shootings of mostly unarmed black criminals, it’s unclear where Pallone is going with this.

You’d think if “Black lives matter” to Democrats, then for the sake of consistency, they would want to arm the criminals (at least more than the Fast and Furious program already has).

But in this version of liberal thinking, you and I are the criminals and cops are the means to an end that looks very much like a Soviet bloc country.

Like they say, average police response time: 8 minutes; average response time of a gun: around 700 feet per second.