Democrats Want to Eliminate Words of Hate, like “Husband” and “Wife”

The new order of same-sex marriage demands we eliminate words that make spouses sex-specific.

Since George Orwell wrote 1984, we have been warned that a sign of totalitarianism is the manufacture and restriction of language. If your government wants to eliminate words it is trying to dominate you.

And now the Democrats are pushing to do just that. As the Washington Examiner reports, “Dems declare war on words ‘husband,’ ‘wife’

More than two dozen Democrats have proposed legislation that would eliminate the words “husband” and “wife” from federal law.

Those “gendered terms” would be replaced by “gender-neutral” words like “spouse” or “married couple,” according to the bill from Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif.

“The Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act recognizes that the words in our laws have meaning and can continue to reflect prejudice and discrimination even when rendered null by our highest courts,” Capps said. “Our values as a country are reflected in our laws. I authored this bill because it is imperative that our federal code reflect the equality of all marriages.”

The Supreme Court ruled in June that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution means all states have to license same-sex marriages, a ruling that effectively ended the same-sex marriage debate in America. Capps said her bill was aimed at taking the next step, which is to ensure the United States Code “reflects the equality of all marriages.”

So if you want to refer to terms like husband and wife, you are clinging to words that “reflect prejudice and discrimination.” This makes Sheryl Sandburg’s bossy attempt to ban the word “bossy” seem rather tame!

When you think about the implications of this campaign, they are breath-taking. Since this claims to be the application of a Supreme Court decision, that would mean that the Department of Justice can force all fifty states to also eliminate “husband” and “wife” from their laws.

Is that really what we have come to? Those terms have been used since the beginning of human history! Tellingly, in some older languages, the words, “husband” and “wife” are the same as “man” and “woman.” Yet now we must remove them from our Federal code, and by implication from our state codes.

Seriously, if we take these Democrats at their word, then even our common speech should be changed to eliminate words. If we really believe that this language “reflects prejudice and discrimination” then we should stop using it. It is rude. It is the language of hate.

Get that? Every time you say “husband” and “wife” you are using hateful language.

Welcome to the new world.