Dennis Hastert Shows Us Why Robert Gates is Wrong about the Boy Scouts

Robert Gates should listen to the sister of (one of?) Dennis Hastert’s victims when considering the Boy Scouts.

Since I have recently posted about Dennis Hastert (also here) and about Robert Gates and the Boy Scouts, it seemed appropriate to show you this story from NBC Chicago, which, in my mind, brings them both together.

A Montana woman says the FBI interviewed her last month about her allegations that her brother had a sexual relationship while in high school with Dennis Hastert, the wrestling coach who would become speaker of the House.

Hastert was charged last week in a federal indictment that alleges he agreed to pay $3.5 million to someone from Yorkville, the Illinois town where he taught and coached high school wrestling, so the person would stay quiet about “prior misconduct.”

Jolene Burdge of Billings, Montana, told The Associated Press on Thursday that the FBI interviewed her in mid-May about Hastert. She said her brother told her before he died in 1995 that his first homosexual contact was with Hastert and that the abuse lasted through all of his high school years.


In an interview aired Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Burdge identified her brother as Stephen Reinbolt, and said Hastert had been a father figure to him at high school. But she also said she believed that relationship had caused irreparable harm.

Let me apply a few comments from Jolene Burdge, the sister of one of Dennis Hastert’s alleged victims, to another current situation:

  • “He damaged Steve, I think, more than any of us will ever know.”
  • The relationship with Hastert affected him “in a big way,” Burdge said.
  • “He never had a life,” she said. “He spent his life trying to run away from it and trying to dull the pain.”

Robert Gates, please read those comments a few times, and then tell us again about the changes you want to see happen with the Boy Scouts. How many young men will end up “damaged” and running away, “trying to dull the pain” for the rest of their lives?

I warn you, Mr. Gates: You will bear eternal responsibility if you continue on the current cowardly and demonic path. Do not open the door wide for evil. Repent, sir, and defend those put under your authority and protection.

May God have mercy and grant repentance to both Gates and Hastert, because otherwise I know the Eternal Judge is just. There is only one escape for those who perpetrate or facilitate sexual abuse.