Dethrone the AMA! Abolish the Office of Surgeon General!

I was pretty happy when the Senate refused to put in office an avowed enemy of the Second Amendment.

If this story about the response of doctors is true, then I am no longer satisfied. I want the regime of Surgeon Generals to be ended forever. The headline reads: “Doctors ‘Aghast’ That Surgeon General Nominee Blocked For Gun Control Views.”

Doctor/author Atul Gawande recently tweeted: “The success of the attack on Vivek Murthy’s nomination for surgeon general, for holding views on guns that the AMA holds, is infuriating.”

Here, two doctors and one doctor-to-be who know Dr. Murthy — a Harvard- and Yale-trained physician — react similarly to the news that his nomination may be scuttled.

Yes, it’s great to know that Harvard and Yale were about to dump yet another one of their acolytes into our political structure. Not enough that a handful of Ivy League schools own the entire Supreme Court and many of the rest of our ruling offices.

Then follows the editorial by Ali Khan, M.D., Sanjay Kishore and Christopher Lillis, M.D.

His is the story of which American dreams are made: a first-generation immigrant who grew up in South Florida, where he worked on weekends to support his father’s small business. After winning a spot at Harvard at 16, he set his sights on medicine and leadership. He founded an international non-profit focused on HIV/AIDS youth education while at Yale for medical school – and threw on an MBA for good measure before heading back to Boston for residency training at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Since then, he’s practiced medicine while working as a serial entrepreneur, starting both private and non-profit organizations in medical research and health advocacy. He wields a blinding smile and a voice that immediately commands a room.

He’s even been to the White House – and he took his mom with him.

None of which gives him the right to tamper with the Second Amendment. By getting a government office he would be in a position to, at the very least, propagandize against the Second Amendment. No one is barring Murthy from practicing medicine, getting awards, or loving his mother. They barred him from feeding on taxes so he could attack the Second Amendment for a living and as his official government duty.

These doctors have the temerity to pretend to be the aggrieved party here. They were the ones pushing a doctor into a position of political power to subvert and resist the fundamental law of the land and its recognition of a fundamental human right. We just successfully fended off a threat to the right to keep and bear arms, and now they are pretending that we are the aggressors.

As physicians, we are appalled that a candidate of such high caliber – with impeccable credentials, a well-earned reputation as a “doctor’s doctor” and formidable experience in management and leadership – could be derailed for a moderate position on gun violence that aligns with the vast majority of America’s health professionals. (Never mind the fact that Dr. Murthy’s position on gun violence is no different from that of the American Medical Association, or that he explicitly confirmed that obesity, tobacco and mental health – and not gun control – would be his priorities as surgeon general.)

I have a much different view of Murthy’s credentials, but let’s leave that aside. He opposed the fundamental law of the land and a basic human right. He was not stripped of his medical license or anything else for that reason. He was simply denied a government job that would have given him power to subvert and propagandize against that law. (Yes, he promised different priorities; we’ve had a lot of promises from politicians lately.)

Furthermore, the only reason the American Medical Association has a position on gun violence is because the entire purpose of the AMA is to gain political control over American society.

Which is why there should be no Surgeon General. The entire concept is a sickening degradation of what America is supposed to be. He only exists to take over our lives and decide for us what is good for us. We should be doing that for ourselves.

We need to abolish the Medicracy. We came that close to getting an anti-gun zealot—yes and an all too faithful representative of the tyrannical dreams of the AMA—in a powerful office. Until we get rid of the office, we will always have that threat hanging over our heads.

Abolish the Surgeon General’s office!