Detroit Councilwoman Demands Obama Bail City Out Because They Voted for Him

America grew on the concept of sink or swim.  When it came to running any kind of business, you either found a way to make it work or you closed your doors.  Through that process, many strong companies were created and these companies employed lots of people who then bought homes, cars and fed their families.  Cities did the same thing.  There are numerous empty old ghost towns that couldn’t survive so they too closed their doors and everyone moved away.

Now we have become a nation of handouts and entitlements.  Millions of Americans have become reliant on the government to give them this and give them that and then give them more.  They remind me of Oliver in the Dickens’ classic when he reaches out with his bowl and asks, ‘Please, sir, I want some more?’  They are never satisfied with what they have and always have their hands out asking for more.

The big car companies asked for more and Obama gave it to them.  The banks asked for more and Obama gave it to them.  Green energy companies asked for more and Obama gave it to them just before most of them went out of business.  Poor people asked for more and Obama gave them a free cell phone.

Now, a Detroit city councilwoman by the name of JoAnn Watson, is not just asking for more, she’s demanding more from President Obama.  And she feels they have every right to demand it because they voted for him.  With that philosophy, Obama would be expected to bail out EVERY major city in the US which would totally bankrupt our already struggling economy.  And most likely, Watson could care less if any other city got the same help she is demanding for Detroit, because in today’s culture, all anyone cares about is themselves and no one else.  Listen to her and her attitude of entitlement:

It’s people like Councilwoman Watson that have gotten the nation into the mess we’re in to begin with and one way to get the nation out of this mess is to tell people like Watson a resounding NO!  The other way is to stop voting for such irresponsible people like her and Obama and replace them with people who actually care about the American people.