Detroit, Picture of America’s Future?

Detroit was once a thriving town, home of the automobile industry, showcase for what was called the American Dream.

It was a place where you could work hard, buy a home and raise a family.

Now, it’s a disaster area that no one can do anything about.

There is a racial component to Detroit’s history. Once a multiracial metropolis, today Detroit’s population is more than 84 percent black, the highest of any city over 100,000 people. It has the fourth-largest population of blacks of any U.S. city.

Detroit’s fall isn’t a function of mere skin color, but a matter of the increasingly left-wing politics that corrupted the city, destroying its education system and industrial base in the process. The city’s black population aided and abetted, but it was also tricked into letting itself be dragged along for the ride.

The city now has fallen into utter disrepair. It literally has gone to the dogs as the remainder of the city’s animal control agency struggles to fight the roaming packs of abandoned canines that have taken over city streets and abandoned homes.

Detroit  could very well be a glimpse of this country’s future if we continue to forge leftward.

President Obama has had five years to “fix the mess” of his predecessor, President Bush, under whom the economy was not perfect but was significantly stronger.

Obama’s economic policies, if they can truly be said to be his, consist of raising taxes, increasing the deficit beyond all records, borrowing against the future, devaluing the dollar by “printing” (mostly electronically)  more and more money and calling it a stimulus, and robbing the military of funding for use on pet projects like Obamacare and Common Core.

It requires a special kind of stupidity to conclude that any of this will bring America out of its ongoing recession, which “officially” ended some years ago yet still holds the country in its grip.

As more businesses close or decrease employee hours, sending more people into poverty and thus the waiting arms of the government, it’s impossible to rationally hold that the ongoing destruction of this country’s economy and moral fiber isn’t planned.

The final objective of the liberal agenda may be guessed at — probably with high accuracy — but it has not yet been achieved. America still has time to recover, if we can just open our eyes and change our ways.

That means the abandoning of liberalism. Not to be confused with a classical liberal education, which is a great thing, political and social  liberalism disdains tradition, the Constitution, true history, individualism and diversity of opinion.

At its core, liberalism rejects God, even if it attempts to use religious language to justify itself. Because of that, it rejects the idea that individuals belong to God. If they don’t belong to God, liberalism says, they belong to the state. And that is the seed of tyranny.

All liberalism has as its root the will of the dictator, be that a person or party.