Developing World Refuses To Impoverish Itself For Climate Change Scam

The St. Louis Post/Dispatch reports some excellent news today. Despite superstitious hysteria about the man-made global warming hurling a typhoon at the Philippines, the leaders of the developing world are not stupid. The UN “talks” about how to deal with global warming are, according to the headline, on the “brink of collapse.” In my view, it can’t implode soon enough.

The two-week talks were supposed to lay the foundation for a 2015 climate deal in Paris that countries have agreed should apply to them all. But after all-night talks, delegates struggled to agree on draft decisions outlining the way forward…

In discussions over future commitments to rein in carbon emissions, China and India insisted on wording that would keep a firewall between rich and poor countries that the U.S. and other developed countries want to get rid of.

“The whole exercise is not aimed at creating a new climate regime,” Chinese negotiator Su Wei told a plenary session.

U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern wondered whether that meant that China was no longer ready to put forth commitments for the new deal.

“I hope I’m wrong about what I heard, but it would certainly be disappointing to move backward in time not forward toward Paris,” Stern said.

It is not a move backward. It is a move toward freedom and prosperity.

It is heartlessness to expect developing economies to slow down their progress and lengthen their time in poverty for the sake of Western climate superstitions. All the global warming models have proven to be wrong. Despite increased release of CO2 there has been no global warming for almost decade—or perhaps even two decades. This is called a “pause,” by alarmists, but that is a question begging description because it assumes that warming is going to resume. If the model can’t explain the “pause” there is no reason to use the models to predict warming will resume. We have no idea if the current non-warming trend is a pause or a turning point or the new normal.

So thank God for China and India sticking up for themselves! Taking away the use of the internal combustion engine is an act of aggression. They should not cooperate with any such plan.

The recalcitrance goes both ways.

Rich countries have promised to help developing nations make their economies greener and to adapt to rising sea levels, desertification and other climate impacts.

They have provided billions of dollars in climate financing in recent years, but have resisted calls to put down firm commitments on how they’re going to fulfill a pledge to scale up annual contributions to $100 billion by 2020.

So now you know how the Western nations are getting the governments of developing countries to show up and play “let’s pretend” about man-made climate change. They are hoping to get piles of money from the richer governments.

But they are reaching for even more this time. Westerners have spread global warming hysteria and junk science but, when asked to pay for it, they suddenly get rational.

Pointing to the devastating impact of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, island nations also demanded a new “loss and damage mechanism” to help them deal with weather disasters made worse by climate change. Rich countries were seeking a compromise that would not make them liable for damage caused by extreme weather events.

It is crazy to claim that Western industry is causing typhoons and hurricanes, but that is the story Western propaganda has been communicating. Perhaps the threat of lawsuits will get them to stop making up apocalyptic myths.