DHS Is Doing A Bang-Up Job (At Least That’s What Happened To The Plane)

In the news this morning: “Report: DHS employees abusing overtime allowances” by Alicia Caldwell:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Employees from six Homeland Security Department offices have abused an overtime program and cost the government about $8.7 million a year, according an Office of Special Counsel letter and report sent Thursday to the president and Congress…

According to one whistle-blower, some Customs and Border Protection employees assigned to the commissioner’s situation room at its headquarters in Washington were paid about two hours of overtime nearly every day but spent much of that time watching television, surfing the Internet or otherwise relaxing at their desks.

Other offices cited in the report are:

–The CBP office of training and development in Glynco, Ga.

–The Office of Security and Integrity at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services headquarters in Washington.

–The Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Houston.

–CBP facilities in San Ysidro, Calif., and Laredo, Texas… [READ THE REST]

It’s not really a surprise to learn that certain government workers are willing to ‘game the system’ and steal from their neighbors—every one of these thieves should be fired and prosecuted, by the way—but I’m still a bit stunned by this week’s separate story here in Nashville:

A plane took off in Canada, with a flight plan to land in another Canadian location, yet flew all the way to Nashville… reportedly circled BNA—the international airport—several times… attempted to land around 2:30 a.m…. crashed and burned… and none of our well-dressed and overpaid DHS people had a clue about any of it—for over SIX HOURS!!

It wasn’t until almost 9 a.m., when a commercial pilot reported wreckage and debris on the runway, that our vaunted protectors knew something had happened.

I love the MNAA quote near the end of this “We’re here, we’re ready, we’re professional”… any person with half a functioning brain would know such statements sound absolutely stupid in an incident like this, kinda like “We were here and ready, we just weren’t paying a lick of attention to anything except what was on TV… oh, and this kitty picture I was posting to Facebook—isn’t he cute?”

I guess Al Qaeda now knows how to bring down a few more buildings: take off in explosive-laden planes from Canada, and come on down—the skies are free, clear, and unmonitored. DHS guys are getting their overtime pay, and molesting fellow citizens, but they’re not doing their alleged jobs.