DHS Employee Pushing Race War To Kill White People

Imagine if you will a person who operates a website that promotes a race war with the white race.  Now consider that this individual is involved in purchasing weapons and ammunition.  Lastly, what would you think if you knew that person worked for the Department of Homeland Security?  Would you feel all comfy and safe?

Ayo Kimathi is a black man who has been working for the DHS since 2009 and his job has been the purchase of weapons and ammunition.  He also operates the website ‘War on the Horizon.’  According to Kimathi, the site was created for the sole purpose of selling concert and lecture videos.

However, on the site, Kimathi refers to himself as the ‘Irritated Genie.’  The content is very racist and speaks of an ‘unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.’  One post on his site states:

“In order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count,”

The site is so filled with racist hate language that the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center listed it as one of their identified hate group sites. (Note that this is the group that also lists the American Family Association, Family Research Council and Coral Ridge Ministries as hate groups.) Since he works for the DHS, he had to get permission to engage in any type of outside activities such as working a second job, volunteering, or running your own website.  Believe it or not, the government gave him the approval to launch and maintain his website, but it turned out to be much different than what he told them.

One of Kimathi’s former supervisors said that most of his co-workers were afraid that one day he would come into work with a gun and start shooting everyone.  He also said that he was surprised that the DHS would hire someone like Kimathi.

Once the Southern Poverty Law Center discovered that the hate site was operated by a DHS employee, they notified DHS officials who have now placed Kimathi on paid administrative leave.  I wonder if that is allowing him to currently get paid to stay at home and post more of his racist hatred on his website.

Doesn’t hearing about people like Kimathi working in sensitive areas of our federal government, purchasing weapons and ammo and advocating a racist war on white people make you feel good inside?  Doesn’t it make you trust our government all that much more?  Right!  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I guess you have the government you deserve.